Seven Habits of Highly Effective Programmers

Philip Chu's Seven Habits of Highly Effective Programmers is witty, eloquent, and peppered with illustrative real world anecdotes:

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Some very good tips here, I always find reading this type of thing every now and again a useful refresher.

“On a contract with a previous employer, I was asked to look over a piece of code that no one else had time to attend to. At first, I thought it was a mess and didn’t know what was going on in there. Then I gradually figured out what the code was doing, and I grudgingly admitted the code wasn’t too bad. And then I eventually realized that I had written the code two years ago. Note to self: need more comments”


Other Covey books were required reading for my BS in MIS. He’s a decent author and makes valid points in interesting ways. I have this book and thought it was nice…but short. Is this…and I’m reviewing the book? Can I cross-post to Amazon? :stuck_out_tongue: