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The CODE Keyboard


I would love a UNIX layout of this with the backspace key moved down a row and the control in place of the caps lock. see: http://donatstudios.com/assets/43/hhkb.png

Once you start using a UNIX layout, you fall in love, especially as a developer. I never take my fingers off home row, it is officially wonderful.


@Edwin Yip: MS 4000 ergonomic ?
Ergonomics with a staggered layout ?
Staggered layout simply s****s and is inherited of 150 years of habits because of mechanical limitations.
Selling pseudo ergonomics keyboard but still keeping the staggered layout makes me wonder why, oh why ?


I want a keyboard with the numeric keypad to the left of the alpha keypad. Either that, or move the cursor keys (the middle keypad) to the left side.

Both of these redesigns position the main keypad in the center of the device, which is where they should be. You shouldn’t have to lean to the left or position your keyboard three inches to the right just to type normal text.


An amazing keyboard I wanted to try for every day use as people were so thankful at how it helped them with wrist strain, etc was by FingerWorks:
But Apple scum bought and shut them down.




As I don´t know a lot about codes, your idea sounds great to me. I will have to think about … Thank you for your inspiring work.



Sadly, this is still not available for a German keyboard layout:

Is the CODE keyboard available in ISO layouts? No, we currently only have the CODE available with the standard US ANSI layout. We do not have plans for an ISO layout, but we will try to come up with a solution for that in the future.

Do you have any suggestions for good keyboards with a German layout or a solution to the Umlaut-problem?


If only they were in stock… or had a waiting list. Why is there no waiting list? I want one now?


No thank you, I like low profile keys and NO sound if at all possible. That’s why I prefer this keyboard:http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/en-us/p/arc-keyboard/J5D-00001

and I get tired of keyboard being so long and big; Good luck though in your sales.


What is the difference between the CODE and those WASD keyboards? They look pretty similar. Also there are Cherry keyboards supplied with the same mechanics and price. It’s not clear from the post what is unique with this model.


When will the next batch be done? This seems really intriguing.


The numpad is already mostly only useful during data entry - how often do you do data entry in hex? That feels like a ridiculous request to me.


And yet you still failed. No color lighting options besides clear. No alternative keyboard layouts. No alternative switch options besides clear and green like blue or brown. Outside of the clean design how exactly does this uberfy what we are looking for?

The ONLY thing that needed done was backlighting options added to the WASD custom. How does anyone screw that up?


Boy, when I grow up maybe I’ll be able to design my own keyboard as well! :stuck_out_tongue:

That is, if apple stop doing it right. Since I’ve switched to mac I saw no reason to be bothered by keyboards, except my small macbook have no numpad.

I also find sad so many people comment on how they want ergo, but I’ve tried ergo and I can see why some people might enjoy it. I don’t. Too big, keys too far apart. I suppose it is just a matter of taste. I’ve been using a regular mac usb keyboard for some years now and only thing I truly miss is the backlight.

Granted, looks like there are plenty of anecdotes for people in favor of ergonomics, both here and there. But if I were to dig this deeper, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done so against so much “evidence” and came out with the opposite conclusion. Thanks to my sole self anecdote I doubt ergonomics (or the whole RPG thing) are worth for more than just a minority of coders, what to say for computer users.

And I love the numpad, but at least the code keyboard is already sold without it for those of you who don’t enjoy it.

There, commented @DavidB :slight_smile:


The windows key is requisite for short-cuts. If you have trouble accidentally hitting it perhaps you might spend some time with a typing program.

However, in an effort to provide more than a quip, as stated on the product page:
“Are you a gamer who wishes you could disable the Windows key? Wouldn’t it be nice if the useless scroll lock key and scroll lock indicator could be a Windows key lock function instead?” … “All this and more can be configured via a row of DIP switches on the back of the keyboard.”


Any chance of getting a keyboard with a layout where the numpad and command keys are integrated? If possible, IMO this would be an awesome option to have… This allows the keyboard to still be more compact then a full key layout, but you still get a full numpad for the occasions when you need to enter alt codes or lots of numbers, etc. An example is the CM Storm QuickFire TK, as seen here: http://www.amazon.com/CM-Storm-QuickFire-TK-Mechanical/dp/B00A378L4C


looks like an awesome keyboard, but can we have one in standard Mac layout? Or at least can we have some spare Mac keys in the box (eg OPTION/COMMAND) so that we can fully switch them over?


Hi! Which Cherry MX keys would you recommend for typing (for programmers)?


great keyboard except one thing … the characters on the numeric keys (1 ! 2@ 3# … ) are side-by-side, which is a bit odd as most if not all keyboards i’ve used have the special characters above the numeric characters… so if you are a hunt-n-peck typist like myself, it makes your eyes do a quick ‘double check’ … which is kind of annoying … would be awesome if we could get replacements for those keys… (oh also a nice backlit Mac CMD key too)


I’ve bought two of these when they came out. I can’t recommend them because the key caps are cheaply made, and will eventually rub off. For the same price you can get keyboards with double-shot PBT keycaps, a much better construction that won’t wear off, and a better material than ABS.