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The CODE Keyboard


Ergonomic one for those of who get crippling RSI on straight keyboards?


A keyboard for coders HAS TO be ergonomic.

I’m talking about the layout.

An example is Microsoft 4000, which I’m using.


if the numpad was detacheable i would’ve bought it. for now im keeping my custom WASD at work and topre realforce at home.


Are you planning to do a non-printed version? I’m on Colemak. For me, letters just get in the way.


I’m looking for a good mechanical keyboard for months. This one looks very promising but we, Europeans, need 105-key variant of this.


Definitely looks awesome. But, please do this in some form of split/ergomonic layout.


In theory this is a good direction, but the problem remains: the keyboard is not split, thus enforcing the bent wrists at an angle while typing. Truly Ergonomic are making some strides as well as Kinesis.


What is wrong with ‘daskeyboard’ ? i’ve been owning one for 2 years now and i wouldnt switch as i advanced user i dont look down at my keys therefore backlighting is of no use.


That seems like a truly great keyboard. You have to send it to Anandtech for review!


Please make this in EU layout…


I have a Ducky keyboard, also very clean and backlit.


Looks well - like the minimalist look. I’d say it was fun to be involved in hardware design for a change…

Is there a usability benefit for a backlit keyboard, or does it just for aesthetics? Assume most coders can type without looking at keys…

Why is there 2 shift keys on the left?


One unlucky decision my parents made when I was a kid, and now I can only use a keyboard with a short Backspace and two-row Enter keys.
I’m truly sorry, but your perfect keyboard is perfect only for you, I’m stick with my $8 Mitsumi office-plankton-model, because of that subtle difference in key layout (for some reason, Mitsumi keyboards were really durable despite being cheap, my first one served me 5 years, second one - 4).
I do not get that ergonomic layout that people want, how can you seriously type on that thing? After trying one, my hands were tired much more than after my usual keyboard, because it kind of tries to restrict your natural hand movement. Just keep your elbows on the desk, with a wide distance between them, and you’ll be able to use straight 'murican keyboard with proper square keys, from the picture above, for four hours in a row without being tired at all.


Give me a keyboard with Dvorak layout, and you can take my money.


you know what, this is amazing. I have a Das keyboard at the moment but still I find this one much better and I like that fact about MX Clear and its design, it looks fantastic honestly.

Well done.


It has small Enter. Pipe backslash key is not between left Shift and Z. Fail.


Awesome stuff but the next huge step we need, is a custom keyboard layout that fit correctly programming.


Count me in if you ever do a Mac version.


Give me a call when you do a European 105 key version. Do blank caps at first if you don’t want to deal with different layouts.


I won’t be buying until it is an ergo layout similar to microsoft’s natural keyboards.
Jpmalcala this has dvorak - you just have to flip a dip switch on the back and use the key puller to swap the keycaps around.