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The CODE Keyboard


Looks awesome, a good start anyways. Now lose the number pad - which is the only reason I’m still using my Kinesis Advantage instead of a Das.


The stock is sold out and no ordering available because of site maintenance… Not very striking experience for just the third day after the post was actually posted.


Looks awesome (especially the DIP configuration) but no wireless = no deal. I m in and out of my office a ton and frankly have enjoyed fewer cables for many years now.


It’s so interesting how passionate people are about their keyboards. I am, as well. I’m using a Gateway 2000 “Anykey” keyboard from 1997 and I dread the day it finally breaks.

I am a working manager so I code part of my day, provide support part of my day, and do “managerial” stuff part of my day. For me, the most important component in a great keyboard is the ability to program simple macros to key combos. Also, believe it or not, there has to be enough room to rest a pen on the keyboard along the top of the function keys. (Where do the rest of you keep your pens?!?)


Please please make a version of this that has the layout of the MS 4000, but without the numpad. I’ll pay $500.00. I’m serious.


Any ideas for a nice mouse to match with my code keyboard?


I agree with @ScarfaceDeb, I woould have loved to see this as wireless. My computer is several feet away from where the keyboard is, and I would prefer not to have to run a cable all over the place.
My Logitech MX performance mouse works both connected (through micro-USB, when it also is charged) and wireless. The CODE keyboard should have a similatr feature, that way you don’t run out of battery.

In addition, I need/want a Swedish keyboard layout, and I prefer the vertical/tall enter key.


I literally need keyboards with wrist pads. No wrist pad. Cannot buy. :frowning:


I counted 25 comments containing the word “ergonomic”. Make this 26. The perfect keyboard is at the very least V-shaped with a negative tilt.


To add to the discussion over wireless, why wireless?

Because it makes it easy to clear my desk.

Not everything I do at my desk involves the computer.

When I put my monitors on arms, and moved to a wireless keyboard and mouse, I had a clear desk on which to work, for the first time since I first put a computer on it back in 1984.

And I’ll not give that up, no matter how quality the keyboard.


“truly great mechanical keyboard”. Yeah, it looks fantastic. Mechanical has always been the key.
But software geek has to improve the world and introduce breakage for a better world. And that is through better layout on one part (Dvorak or other dvorak-COUNTRY layout), and through ergonomy.
The CODE keyboard has dvorak and other layout embedded. But it’s like using Windows under an apple hardware (not to say GNU/Linux), you see what you don’t beleave in).
And ergonomy is really important, as people gets hill because of finger crossing and other bad keyboard design.
I am using a TypeMatrix keyboard, it is a really great ergonomic keyboard. It just lake of mechanical keys…Having a Horthogonal CODE keyboard would be the best.

BTW you did it, congrat’. You did it to correspond to YOUR needs, not to the real human needs (that they won’t understand and won’t like, which is why nobody sell ergonomic keyboards).


Genius Simplicity! I love it and dying to get one … hurry up! :wink:


It would be great if not the lack of ergonomic (split) layout, just like in MS Natural Ergonomic 4000, which suprisiginly, you have praised years ago. What happened, Jeff? Why would you do that to us?

If it’s for progammers, it has to be ergonomic: split, front raised, wrist support.


This is one beautiful keyboard, congratulations on a great design!


That looks nice and very professional.

I have made my own keyboard from scratch using wood, Arduinos, Bluetooth, and CherryML switches. I’m still working on a version, that is better suited for daily usage, though.

But if you want to have a look, I have written about the first version in quite some detail on my blog:


I would like to hear your opinion.


Looks awesome, but very disappointed there’s no UK compatible ISO option.

How come? The WASD V2 has that option.


Seriously, does anybody know the reason why a mechanical keyborad formed like Microsoft Natural apparantly plainly does not exist? Speaking in me personal, I was faced with a choice: either “natural”, either mechanical, and selected mechanical, but I am far from being absolutly happy with it. All this turns out to be kind of depressing, and it gets even worse when someone calls a CODE keaboard a truly great keyboard to be happy living in the world where it exists. I bet the only substantial diffirence between that and my Razor Black Widow is an absence of numeric pad, what would be good for me, of course, but slightly not enough to justify the price. And even though, I decided to order one and try, but was out of luck to make an order. The conclusion is that - this is far from being truly great, it’s just sort of like empty words, in reality keaboards world is still waiting for a brave person, who will supply software developers with a keyboard of OUR dream at a reasonable and, more importantly, affordable price. In spite of premise of the post, this time hasn’t come. Now it looks like barely “marketing” a slightly restyled product using kind of respect among readers, but more suprisinly, it probably works - anyway, the stock is sold out :slight_smile: In my opinion, it shows more a shortage of “truly great keaboards” on the market and athor’s influence, than anything particular about the keaboard itself. But, maybe, I should try it before commenting? :slight_smile:


There isn’t any F-Keys? I see 12 of them.


Interesting, I might have to buy one for myself next bonus season.


I’ve owned 12 different mech boards and have an appreciation for most of the different Cherry switch types. The last one I picked up was a Ducky G2 Pro with MX Clears and the PBT Dye-Sublimated Keycaps. Best board thus far, I always felt the Browns could be a stiffer, Blue sounds great but aren’t stiff enough, Greens and Dark Grays were a bit too stiff…Clears were the perfect one for me. With thick PBT keycaps, the experience is phenomenal. However, I do want Clears with backlighting and this board is now on my list. It looks outstanding. The only thing I’d like more clarity on is the quality of the keycaps. Obviously, they are ABS and they look to have a nice finish, I just hope they didn’t cheese out on the thickness. The WASDKeyboards keycaps I found to be overly light and not dense enough, ordered a few custom ones from.