The Eight Levels of Programmers

WAIT - Ruby On Rails guy and ID guy make #7, but Gosling doesn’t? This is a joke.

You really should change the post where you specify the dead programmers. People who don’t read the comments, don’t realize your point, and thinks that guys are really all dead.

what about men who haven’t seen a programer in their life,
know nothing about programming ,but studying abt computers in college.
i am one such guy.
what to do?

I would not like be programmer for ever. I’m a good programmer, I’ll hope have my own business

I use computer a lot. I have never been interested in programming. What do yo think guyz?

have been a professional programmer for 8 years. [still age >>what do you wanna do with your life?
Become a mathematician in the near future and discover something original, even if not at the level of my heroes like Newton, Gauss, Riemann.

That said I enjoy my work [programming] - even if I were to be lifelong professional programmer, I would still consider it a nice life from the career point of view.

are open source programmers amateur programmers? really?

i would think of myself as a 3. i think that almost everyone goes through stage 1. its just that some people might just get stuck at that stage, those can be classified as bad programmers.

Thank for information

I like to think that we all had a level one moment in our lives. Don’t you agree? :slight_smile:

I’d rather just be alive, period.

I’d like to think that on a good day I can reach level 4! Doesnt #2 seem to have a lot in common with #4? Can’t really tell the 2 apart.

Hmmm, 6 going on 7. This isn’t good.

Definitely missing Stallman and Torvalds on that list. And Tim Sweeney.

Would Dijkstra actually even consider himself a programmer?

Ahhh programming is fun, it’s a hobby and it sure beats having to spend large amounts to get someone else to do your changes for you.

Dijkstra is my personal Jesus. Everytime I code something, anything, I imagine him patting on my shoulder whenever I do something sensible and clearing his throat when I make some mistake. It’s reassuring.

LOL, should we come up with a campaign like…

What would Djikstra Do? ™

If you can write Hello World in 3 different programming languages with one line of code in dutch then you are a level 7 programmer. =)

What is the bare minimum skill set or required training to go from not being a programmer to being a bad programmer? How to I get that kind of job. I live in San Francisco. I can’t even get a minimum wage job despite having years of work experience. I took computer science classes and failed half of them. I have no CS degree. I’m not going to any bootcamps. I don’t want to do side projects. I don’t want to have a blog or go to Hackathons. I don’t want to be asked to solve coding problems. I’m willing to write code for minimum wage in San Francisco. I can’t seem to find out what the minimum minimum skill set is to get a bad low paying programming job is. Any advice would be helpful. I gave up on coding after failing computer science classes but I’m thinking about getting back into it because I can’t even get a job as a receptionist despite being overqualified. I’m overqualified for menial jobs but under qualified to be a bad programmer.

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I was thinking about this. Your best route is QA / software support. Very talented QA / support staff often morph into programmers over time (if the org is paying attention and promoting talented folks) and that’s definitely a starter position, thus the barriers to entry are much lower.