The Eight Levels of Programmers

what about men who haven’t seen a programer in their life,
know nothing about programming ,but studying abt computers in college.
i am one such guy.
what to do?

I would not like be programmer for ever. I’m a good programmer, I’ll hope have my own business

I use computer a lot. I have never been interested in programming. What do yo think guyz?

have been a professional programmer for 8 years. [still age >>what do you wanna do with your life?
Become a mathematician in the near future and discover something original, even if not at the level of my heroes like Newton, Gauss, Riemann.

That said I enjoy my work [programming] - even if I were to be lifelong professional programmer, I would still consider it a nice life from the career point of view.

are open source programmers amateur programmers? really?

i would think of myself as a 3. i think that almost everyone goes through stage 1. its just that some people might just get stuck at that stage, those can be classified as bad programmers.

Thank for information

I like to think that we all had a level one moment in our lives. Don’t you agree? :slight_smile:

I’d rather just be alive, period.

I’d like to think that on a good day I can reach level 4! Doesnt #2 seem to have a lot in common with #4? Can’t really tell the 2 apart.

Hmmm, 6 going on 7. This isn’t good.

Definitely missing Stallman and Torvalds on that list. And Tim Sweeney.

Would Dijkstra actually even consider himself a programmer?

Ahhh programming is fun, it’s a hobby and it sure beats having to spend large amounts to get someone else to do your changes for you.

Dijkstra is my personal Jesus. Everytime I code something, anything, I imagine him patting on my shoulder whenever I do something sensible and clearing his throat when I make some mistake. It’s reassuring.

LOL, should we come up with a campaign like…

What would Djikstra Do? ™

If you can write Hello World in 3 different programming languages with one line of code in dutch then you are a level 7 programmer. =)

What is the bare minimum skill set or required training to go from not being a programmer to being a bad programmer? How to I get that kind of job. I live in San Francisco. I can’t even get a minimum wage job despite having years of work experience. I took computer science classes and failed half of them. I have no CS degree. I’m not going to any bootcamps. I don’t want to do side projects. I don’t want to have a blog or go to Hackathons. I don’t want to be asked to solve coding problems. I’m willing to write code for minimum wage in San Francisco. I can’t seem to find out what the minimum minimum skill set is to get a bad low paying programming job is. Any advice would be helpful. I gave up on coding after failing computer science classes but I’m thinking about getting back into it because I can’t even get a job as a receptionist despite being overqualified. I’m overqualified for menial jobs but under qualified to be a bad programmer.

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I was thinking about this. Your best route is QA / software support. Very talented QA / support staff often morph into programmers over time (if the org is paying attention and promoting talented folks) and that’s definitely a starter position, thus the barriers to entry are much lower.