The Ideal Computer Desk

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Regarding the newer Jerker desk and its ability to hold heavy objects. At 170 lbs, I’ve actually stood on the desk surface for extended periods to do work on higher shelves. It is solid no doubt top to bottom.

I’ve got a huge INTERACTIVE desk setup from WORKSPACES.COM, I may get another couple pieces or so when I move to a house and have a bigger office…it looks great, very clean looking without being clinical, is tough and sturdy, and wears well. Any desk setup will have drawbacks, but I found this one to have the least.

That Lian Li desk actually looks quite sick! I love metal… drool

I am currently struggling with a poached kitchen table with not enough space for legs. I must agree with Michal: this is bad.

I cant stand pull out drawers. They break, get it the way, are noisy, and can hurt! Just give me a rounded L-shape and I will be happy :slight_smile:

No offense, but the Anthro doesn’t compare to the Ikea Jerker. The Jerker is crap - particle board crap. Yes, the Anthro is not cheap but you get what you pair for.

Just bought the anthro console unit - LOVE IT. It’s perfect for my uses and the wife loves it too. In fact, I have to kick her off my computer most of the time.

I got the Ergonomix beech computer desk from here:

I thought it would be too wobbly with the wheels, and it was a touch, but I removed them and never looked back. I use the small under shelf to put my feet on for racing games too.

It was such a sad day when I learned that the Jerker line was discontinued! They had a blow out sale here in Ottawa and the shelves (I needed one more!) were going for $2!!!

Probably overpriced, but I dream of getting a Legare desk (

I’ve been nothing but satisfied with my ScanCo PowerTable since I bought it in 1995 to serve as an appropriate altar for my Power Mac 7100/80AV. Those desks were commonly advertised in Mac magazines back then. But they haven’t been advertised for a while now - I don’t expect they still make these desks. (I even received an extensive brochure from the company at one point - the computer desk was made in Denmark, if I recall right.)

I even sprung for the optional desk bridge and two roll-away carts (one of which still serves as my printer table/night stand).

My computer desk has been in continuous use since I bought it (my Intel iMac looks right at home on it, these days) and it looks as good as new - gotta love those sturdy beechwood ply legs. It’s what made me like beechwood as furniture material.

It’s got a lot of table surface area, which is a requirement for me for any desk.

It does NOT look like a computer desk, though it is designed to be functional as one.

For our new iMac for our front room, my wife and I just bought the small-size Fredrik workstation from IKEA (it looks to be a successor of sorts to the Jerker), which we haven’t even unboxed yet. We’ll see how that works out.

I’d be interested in hearing how the Fredrik pans out - I really wanted a Jerker, but now that they’re discontinued that may be tough.

wow this is lively thread started years ago! well i own the new-style jerker love it! yes the surface is pressed wood with a plastic venear on it. yes it can be slightly wobbly with a 24" 19" lcd (dual monitor mount arms; screw stock lcd bases). and also a laptop stereo on the swing shelves. yes its big and somehow cramped at the same time. but damn, find me a stronger sturdier desk in the $100-$200 range that can hold everything and looks good i’ll probably buy you a beer.

Hey Jeff,
This is of interest to me as I have to design our new development office in the coming month. Having read your other posts, I would be very interested in hearing what your thoughts are on the wider development office experience (chair/desk/desk planning) etc.

Kind Regards,

Also looking for high end computer desks - any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

As did many of us, I threw together my first decent desk while a college student - the time-honored $5 damaged door over a set of cinder blocks. Funny thing is, I’ve never gotten completely away from that quick dirty (not to mention cheap) way of producing a desk on the fly. I’ve done so in remote offices, at home, etc. Most variations have been in the base which has utilized file cabinets, saw horses, or whatever was handy at the moment. Here’s my latest approach capitalizing on $22 worth of damaged kitchen countertops from the home improvement store on top of a pair of file cabinets that I’d already had for years:

Pro: Max elbow room
Con: Unfinished rear requires this desk to be placed against wall

I happened upon this thread in my quest to find out what happened to the Jerker. The Jerker was/is the perfect desk in both performance and price. So sturdy and simply stylish. I was ready to pick up a couple of two tier units to completely revamp my computer room and surprise! Ikea discontinued the Jerker for the Fredrik. So sad. After a detailed inspection at the store I determined that the Fredrik isn’t worthy of standing in the Jerker’s shadow. Ikea, if you are listening, please bring the Jerker back…

I picked up a right return Ares from the executive desk company.

It fits really well in my office since I own a loft. I wanted a modern desk with a more organic styling than a simple rectandular desk. The side table works well both a mobile workspace for my wife’s laptop and also a writing/organizational space. It’s really sturdy too.

At the time, I was also considering the Vast model ( but the Ares came with the mobile side table.

I’ve long felt that just staying in one position – no matter HOW “ergonomic” that position – is Not a Good Idea for long term back / hips / neck care. I always wanted an adjustable-height desk (as in “on-the-fly” adjustable, like mentioned above), but found them too expensive, or too small, or too cumbersome to be practical. I looked for about five years before I found what I was looking for – it’s a motorized desk frame imported from Europe. They sell them on eBay now, but you have to provide your won “top” part:

does anyone know where there are extra parts for this series? I want an extra shelf, printer tray draw.

I had the Jerker for a while (just sold it to a family member, I have another desk now). It is a great desk, I just wish it was bigger (I have several computers. The Anthrocart looks awesome! I’d love to know if it can be found in Australia.