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The Scooter Computer


Yeah the hardware was bad luck. I took a video of the issue here if anyone is curious: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n01m3alo8txf2zy/eglobal_1.mp4
Red light LED on the motherboard, and no beeps because there’s no PC speaker. It’s a thorough test otherwise.

Their technical support response was good, however their sending $500 worth of repaired equipment uninsured and untracked is really unprofessional. Refusing to offer any compensation even more so


Some troubleshooting suggestions, remove stuff and try rebooting:

  • Does removing the SSD change anything?
  • Does it work with just one memory stick?
  • Can you try different memory sticks?

If you’ve ruled out memory then the board pretty much has to be bad. (Power is obviously working or you’d get no lights.) We tend to have multiples of all these so we have lots of troubleshooting replacement parts on hand.

I did get a partial refund on one shuttle that ran super super hot. We still kept it and it was stable, but it was crazy how much hotter that one ran. Probably Intel’s fault, as there is definitely variance in required CPU voltage in each batch.


Just in case anyone else was googling this problem (booting to black screen) like I was this weekend: replacing the CMOS battery (the little coin-cell battery on the motherboard) fixed the problem for me - booted up just like normal again.