The Sierra Network II

You may remember Sierra's ImagiNation network from the earliest days of dial-up networking:

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Another ancient “virtual space” was Apple’s eWorld:’s_eworld.htm

You’ve got to hope that they got some kind of legal clearance for that, or their money reserves may take a hit, me thinks.

Wow Jeff !!!
You noted the resemeblence.
How did you remember stuff from the 90s?

glad to see someone else noticed this. I’m just hoping they implement Boogers and Stratego.

Hoe is that a copyright violation? It’s just a generic little town with roads. I drew stuff like that when I was a kid and my mother even made me a quilt that looks like that.

The more things change… the more they stay the same.

well, the Town Hall is exactly the same, the Shop and the building beside it are almost the same, the Home is virtually the same, and even the placement of the roads is the same. I don’t know anything about copyright law so I can’t really comment on that, but you do have to say that they copied it.

If you read the history of the Sierra network linked to above, then you will see that it’s 100% likely that none of the companies involved care any more.

It looks like it’s currently owned by AOL, of all companies.

But yeah, right down to the design of the facades on the buildings, too close for coincidence.

‘Mytopia’ sounds a bit too much like a disease to me. Myopia?

What an ironic name, considering…

It’s not II, it’s 2.0!

The resemblance is astonishing?? Its virtually identical!! Just look at the shop and the town hall.

As far as I can remember, Doom did not have an online mode. It only did LAN multiplayer, since it relied on autodetect to find the server. :slight_smile:

Not that great of a post though.
Although I’m happy to sy that Coding Horror is one of my two favorite blogs, next to Seth Godin’s blog @

So thanks Jeff!

Hvard, check this link out:

Great promises, but it really is a beta offering right now:

Too many things don’t work as of now.

the bingo game is also a complete clone of the club pogo bingo game bingo luau. the interface is virtually identical.

Kali - now there’s a blast from the past. I recall using it for some online Carmageddon sessions :slight_smile:

this is fun an harmless.

However, it’s possible that the original artist of the work could be upset. It happens.

The companies? Doesn’t matter, not a clear Trademark violation.

the internet Rapture in coming!