Updating "101 Basic Computer Games" for 2022 and beyond

I would argue VB.NET covers this, and it is a classic Microsoft BASIC to boot.

I think to have a ruleset everyone can agree on, we’re going to narrow this to the top 20 TIOBE languages that are memory safe and scripting appropriate, right now by my reading…

Languages in TIOBE top 20 as of February 2021:

  1. C :x:
  2. Java
  3. Python
  4. C++ :x:
  5. C#
  6. Visual Basic
  7. JavaScript
  8. PHP :-1:
  9. SQL :-1:
  10. Assembly :x:
  11. R :-1:
  12. Groovy :question:
  13. Go :x:
  14. Ruby
  15. Swift :-1:
  16. Matlab :-1:
  17. Delphi / Object Pascal
  18. Classic VB :-1:
  19. Perl
  20. Objective-C :x:

The ones with red X are not memory safe and therefore not applicable:

:x: C, C++, Assembly, Go, Objective-C

By scripting appropriate I mean languages meant for classic BASIC style I want to run a generalized, all purpose script at the command line style programming:

:-1: PHP, SQL, R, Swift, Matlab, Classic VB

That leaves us with 8 languages:

Java, Python, C#, VB.NET, JavaScript, Ruby, Delphi / Object Pascal, Perl

Groovy is a superset of Java, based on my research, so I’m consolidating that one into just Java. This also applies to other “clone” languages, we’re going with the language that is in the TIOBE top 20, even if the clone (or superset) language is compatible.

:loudspeaker: March 2022 – After some discussion, we’ve replaced Pascal (which we can’t guarantee memory safety for, and that’s an explicit goal of this project) with Rust, and added Lua since it cracked the top 20 in TIOBE.