Virtual PC 2004

This won't be news to a lot of you, but I was playing around with Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 today:

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I don’t know about you, but I am getting much less performance than 10% cost with either vmWare or virtual pc. Btw, you can run FreeBSD in vmWare, it is right in the online help. Whoever, reviewed it didn’t read it very well.

On performance, it’s hard to say. The synthetic benchmarks show 10% difference on memory and CPU results. The disk and video results can be FAR slower, though, and I’m thinking that is where the difference comes from.

Here’s another link I found with some speed comments:

you shouldn’t find to much of a difference if you have at least a Gig of ram.

Well, this was with 2gb of RAM, so I don’t think ram was an issue. VPC actually pages to system memory first, then to disk, so it’s safe to have VPC images with “only” 256mb RAM-- it’ll take more of the host system memory as necessary to page.

Here’s a more recent performance graph:

As expected, disk is the big problem area. I’m surprised to see the memory bandwidth take such a beating in VPC 2004, too.