Visual Design Patterns

A recent post by Steve Makofsky reminded me that the excellent UI Patterns and Techniques site is now a book from O'Reilly -- Designing Interfaces.

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Wow! You mean the book has off-line reading capabilities and doesn’t require a power cord? Sign me up!

AND you can read them in the bathroom!

Well, I guess we could do that with laptops and wifi too.

Thanks for the recommendation. Wishlisted.

BTW there is a sample chapter online here: a href="" and from what I can see the illustrations are gorgeous.

Yeah, I love that book. It’s indespensible, imho.

Man, that GUI site sucks long and hard. How does that guy have the gall to criticise anyone else’s GUI?

Thanks, everyone! Glad to hear that people like it.

By the way, you can find about half the book’s patterns online – they’ve been moved to from the time-tripper site, and updated to match the book text – but the book does have lots of material that’ll never be on the Web (except via Safari).

Whoa, the irony. Post 1, here’s a book, it’s great. Post 2: creating any information that isn’t Web searchable is a waste of time. Dude, you need to decide. :slight_smile: