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I'm currently building a .NET library that constructs .MHT files, aka single file web page archives. That's what you get when you perform a File | Save As | Web Archive, Single File operation in IE6. HTML is a great, standard format for building richly formatted one-off reports, but once you start including images, it becomes a pain to manage a set of files. Thus, the utility of combining everything into a single file.

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Actually, VS .Net does allow you to specify external programs for doing diffs, etc. In VS.Net, go to Tools, Options, Source Control, SCC Provider, then click on the advanced button. In the resulting dialog box, click on the custom editors tab and enter your editor’s information.

I, for instance, put an operation of ‘File Difference’, for .vb and .cs files, and set my command line arg to “C:\Program Files\WinMerge\WinMergeU.exe” %1 %2.

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Maybe this comment is waaay to late. But my personal favorite is tortoisemerge.

It’s a part of the tortoisesvn client. You can rip out all the SVN related stuff if you dont need it and it’ll work fine.

you can find it at:

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XCode has a very nice diff visualizer. But I guess that is not your platform.

perforce’s merge tool appears similar to the araxis. best part is that is is free (last i looked anyway).

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Hi Jeff, I spent the last 4 days with evaluating diff/merge tools. There are a lot out there but very few usable when you start comparing large directories and like to integrate it with code repositories.

Then I stumbled upon DeltaWalker: a href=

Finally suitable tool for these crappy compare jobs I have strugled with. It also works remotely via sftp and is cross platform compatible (Mac OS X, Linux and Windows) as it is based on Eclipse RCP.