WebFileManager updated

I updated the WebFileManager CodeProject article with some enhancements. It now supports zipping files and column sorting:

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J# has built-in zip libraries. I guess that’s native .NET support if you want to include the dll in your project.

There’s an article on MSDN Mag about it:

It says it can modify existing zip files. I haven’t verified.

I’m sure it’s the same Zip/Gzip class that is in Java… and that class cannot MODIFY a Zip file. Create, yes, but not modify.

Would be nice if Zip/Gzip was native to .NET 2.0, sure is handy.


How about creating a setup that can be installed on any IIS box?

Rizzo, what do you mean? I’m not following you.

What I mean is that if you add a setup project to your solution, it will automatically create a setup.exe for you and you don’t have to explain to people how to install it.

Yes-- just delimit your regular expressions with a pipe char



Just watch out for regex (or XML!) characters that need to be escaped

it is possible to write several AllowedPathPattern in web.config? If YES, how?

Regards, Marko

Is it possible to use paths like c:\Windows\

I’m getting exceptions trying to do it!


Really nice solution

Thanks for sharing