What's On Your Keychain, 2008 Edition

Over the last few years, I've become mildly obsessive about the contents of my keychain. Here's what's on my keychain today:

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On my keyring:

  1. Car Key for the Daily Driver
  2. Car Key for wife’s car, that monstrous thing she carries may or may not A) Be Findable, B) Have her car key on it.
  3. House Key

I keep my keys in my back pocket, left, so need to keep it small, not sharp, and did I mention small? I am pretty obsessive about stuff I carry everyday so cut down on the keys a bunch when I found 4 keys on it that I had no idea what they unlocked. The three USB drives I carry all 1G, one for school work, one for personal programs I wrote for friends, one just because I got it free. reside in the backpack I tote with me nearly everywhere I go.

I carry my reference books and a select amount of software with me in that. Yeah I know, how often do you need to reload Visual Studio? Well if I do I can. But I also carry Grady Booch’s Object Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications for light reading. I guess I should choose soft cover books for my EDC. A couple of other reference books on CD, a few blank DVD’s, pens, pencils, a removable floppy drive, spare battery, wireless mouse, coffee thermos, a 12 volt power converter and my laptop. I can set up and office anywhere there is a flat spot.

OK I guess this post wasn’t about what is in your backpack…

I am the type that keeps their key chain light. I have my Car key my house and mailbox key and a clip that attaches to my bag. However my laptop case is a mess. Currently in my laptop I have a broken 160Gb HD (don’t ask me why lol) a DVD Drive some 512mb of laptop DDR2, a CPU fan??, Cell Phone I use the LCD Screen as a flash light when looking into PC Cases etc…

This could be a new article “whats in your laptop case/bag” lol

Hey Jeff,

Great as ever. Just wondered which of the Squirts you use yourself ? I’ve had a swiss card before and found the scissors the most useful…

Looks like you upgraded your desk also. Got rid of the overstock table and bought yourself an ikea desk did you?

Gee, would have been nice to have known about the Skeletool BEFORE CHRISTMAS!

Nice multitool… I somehow prefer my victorinox cyberTool (http://www.victorinox.ch/index.cfm?page=350lang=E), which is a bit heavier I guess…

A link to a paghe describing in detail what your multitool does would be nice (not just the link to the Amazon page). I know, I know, Google is just a shortcut away, but still …

I myself am too antiquated to compete. I still carry a normal sized screwdriver in my pocket, and when I need some light, I take out my 1-way-gas-lighter. And no, I’ve never set a computer on fire.

Amazing similarities here, scary even.

Took this today: http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/7540/edcez2.jpg

Leatherman Squirt S4 although mine is silver.
Solitaire by Mag Light
Silverado Keys
Building Access Pass (the teardrop shapped black thing)
Men’s Warehouse perfect fit card. Yes, a nerd with style.

Also included in my EDC is
My 8 Gig USB is hanging around my neck. I’ve been hesitant to move it to he key chain because I’m scared of losing sensitive data. Of course come to think of it I’m more worried about losing my Truck. Maybe I’ll just move it.

The other EDC is my T-Mobile Dash, which I can’t take a picture of at the moment since it’s what I’m using to take pictures.

J., good point-- I should provide direct links to all the Squirt “flavors”. Updated. I just noticed there’s a new E variant which has a wire stripper, too!

I no longer carry a multi-tool, because I know I’d forget to take it out of my pocket/ bag when flying, and I’d then probably be arrested as a terrorist and waterboarded until I confessed to assassinating the princes in the tower in 1483. Pity though - I “miss” it five or six times a month. Are you allowed to carry these things on planes in the US? Or do you have to remember too?

I carry a very similar set of tools in my pocket, but I prefer a Swiss Army Knife over your Leatherman: although the size factor matters, the lack of a corkscrew is a critical flaw, in my opinion.

Wire strippers would be my choice, I can do it with my teeth, a knife or scissors, but it never comes out quite right, especially on those very thin ones.

I carry keys…

As Syd mentioned multi-tools, such a pain at airports now, would hate to lose one cause I forgot to check it.

My wonderful wife got me a Skeletool CX for Christmas, Amazon isn’t delivering it until the beginning of February though.

I currently have a single LED light for use on my bicycle. It uses 4 AA batteries. For travelling in the pitch black it works great. It isn’t quite bright enough though when I there are cars regularly coming past with their headlights at full beam and then plunging me into darkness again.

i love the look of that leatherman tool, but here in the UK at lest you are going to run into a few issues cos of the size of that blade,

I need something just like that but without the knife.

On my keychain, I have keys, and a chain.

I don’t get why you would need anything else. How many times a year do you need to strip a wire while out of the house and not in a place already equiped for wire stripping?

Yeah, on my keychain, I also have keys a chain…