What's on your keychain?

It's a geek rite of passage: what's on your keychain? Here's mine:

I carried a Leatherman Micra for years, but I forgot to ditch it prior to a business trip and it got confiscated at the airport. Very frustrating, but it forced me to look for alternatives, and the Squirt is superior. It's available in colors, it's slightly smaller, and most importantly-- unlike the Micra, the ancillary tools can be used without opening the scissors/pliers. It's incredibly handy.

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Do you regularly get abducted and dropped in the woods late at night? The light sounds useful but looks heavy. The swiss army knife type thing might be useful but I’d probably just keep it in my car.

A cross, three keys, and a grocery store card. I even leave the remotes in the car. When I get out I just leave my keys in the car and take the remote with me. I can’t stand to have too much in my pocket.

I do have the JumpDrive that hase a loop on the end to put on my keychain if needed…I’ve used it 4 or 5 times and is handy.

Heh. On my keychain? Keys, and my car remote. That makes it quite big enough, thank you. I recently added my gym membership card (only offered in keychain format) and, because the extra bulk was negligible, after that I added my library card and credit card. But hang a big hunk of anything else off it? No, not for me thanks.

Keys are the only thing on my keychain. My USB drive is in my laptop bag.

I was a little surprised by the ring that you are using. I’ve been using this LeClasp one that you just squeeze the center to remove a set of keys easily. This makes stuff like leaving the car keys in the car while it is warming up but then being able to go back and lock the door much easier. Or anytime I have to surrender my keys like at the mechanic.


Six keys and two grocery discount cards. That’s quite enough crap for me.

That’s quite enough crap for me

What if you guys are ever lost in the woods? Or trapped in a really dark place? Or if minesweeper.exe is missing from your aunt’s computer?

Oh, how you’ll be sorry then…

Jeff, you make me laugh, I have pretty much the same setup except I have a squirt p4 and a gerber Infinity Ultra Task Light. :wink:


Well, they went out of business, so it may be tough. Have you tried Froogle? Or eBay? I’d also poke around http://www.dansdata.com/ since he is a huge LED aficianado; that’s where I found about the Arc AAA in the first place. Also a very cool hardware site with a great DIY spirit.

hi all,

does anyone know where i can get myself a new piece of arc-aaa flashlight??

if not, is there any other good or better alternatives??

You should email Dan @ http://www.dansdata.com with this question, I know he’d have an expert response to this. If you PayPal him $5 to support his site (and it is a great site, worthy of support), I guarantee he’ll answer your question.

tried froggle with no luck.
now trying on ebay.

heard that peter gransee is coming up with a new company soon. wonder they will try to produce this wonderful piece of instrument again??

if not, is there any other good or better alternatives??

am considering surefire E1L or Peak Mattherhorn …

It looks like the two Peak “Matterhorn” AAA models, reviewed here, might be a good substitute for the now-defunct Arc AAA: