Will Apps Kill Websites?


Of course, then there’s the middle ground, with sites like Fuelly that have an AMAZING mobile site (at least, for phones, never visited their site on a tablet) which is basic and easy, and a solid desktop site with more information, etc (and an easy way to switch between the two from your mobile device)


Nice article. I think both will continue to exist just as websites and desktop apps co-exist. I think in time as mobile devices continue to get more powerful the argument for dedicated apps will get tougher. Building a website that works every where seems like a much better idea than building a website and several different versions of an app!


Actually, with html5 related technologies it is possible to create “offline” websites, even though there are still some issues (for instance, in iOS we can’t cache sound files yet). Thus, “They work better on the go and even offline” isn’t really a app pro. On the other hand, apps have access to a broader set of device-specific features (for instance, tilt sensors), so that’s another pro.


Everything old is new again. What was once a centralized mainframe with dumb terminal front end, evolved to the client server model, evolved to web server and browser, moves again to a client application. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Mobile apps Vs. Website, both have pros and cons. Developing and designing a website is way cheaper