x86 Uber Alles

I guess John Gruber isn't as savvy as he thought he was:

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Er, no – Gruber was wrong. Saavy doesn’t mean “never wrong”.

If anything, I would think that this has made him saavier than he was when he woke up Monday morning.

Well, he was pretty darn adamant that this could never happen:

“My prediction: I’ll be writing about this again in 2007.”

Er… lol, but not for the reasons he thought.

Sybase ASE performance could be explained by the fact that ASE wrote their own threading library (this was back in the day when OS threads were inconsistent across platforms, and since you can’t have customer databases corrupted because of an OS thread bug, you write your own).

MySQL, as far as I know, uses native OS threading, so it would be susceptible to a poor OS thread implementation.

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An Apple guy gives some reasons for possible MySQL slowness and also says that Anandtech doesn’t know what they’re talking about re: threads. And check the comments: One guy says that PCMag got faster numbers on an earlier OS X. Hmm.


Re-read the article. OSX running Apache and MySQL 5-10 times slower than Linux on similar hardware (x86), not the same hardware. In fact, they lament the fact that they should try Yellow Dog Linux on PPC.

Johan De Galas runs Ace’s Hardware ( http://www.aceshardware.com/ ) which is a fairly well known hardware site. I consider him fairly reputable. While there is always the possibility of human error, the specific low-level fork/newproc test results were just as bad and echoed the bad MySQL results.