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I hunger! I'm Jeff Atwood. I live in Berkeley, CA with my wife, two cats, one three children, and a whole lot of computers. I was weaned as a software developer on various implementations of Microsoft BASIC in the 80's, starting with my first microcomputer, the Texas Instruments TI-99/4a. I continued on the PC with Visual Basic 3.0 and Windows 3.1 in the early 90's, although I also spent significant time writing Pascal code in the first versions of Delphi. I am now quite comfortable in VB.NET or C#, despite the evils of case sensitivity. I'm currently learning Ruby.

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Love the Intellivision tee. Go Blue Sky Rangers :smile:

Have you seen there’s an Intellivision Flashback in the works?

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Hmm. Great Blog and thanks for your share.
Aha, just try discourse to repay, nice product~:grinning:

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Nice one Mr. Atwood. Now I was hoping if you have an index of all your blog posts from time immemorial. Or a way of downloading all those wonderful posts for offline use? Thanks once for your contributions to software development.


Yes Jeff. You’ve written a lot of valuable articles. An index would be quite helpful!

Anyway: this might be helpful: https://discourse.codinghorror.com/c/blog

Example: when you want to read the articles about Comments then do a search: https://discourse.codinghorror.com/search?q=comments
Then there’s a link to the original article:

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Mr. Atwood, really a phenomenal blog…

A great applause for your efforts. Keep going.

It would be really grateful if you could share your linkedin profile to follow you.

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My sincere thanks to your contribution on StackOverflow


Hi Jeff! This is Tom and I am really hoping you get to read this and maybe even respond to me. I have - humbly speaking - an idea for a potentially significant follow-on idea for Stack Overflow and would very much like to pitch it to you to get your feedback. Really looking forward to hearing from you! :smiley: