Athlon 64: Developer's Choice

I've commented on .NET compiler performance before, and I recently uncovered another Xbit Labs article that confirms my previous conclusion:

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If you’re really miserly, the AMD Athlon XP platform also offers .NET compiler performance identical to a Pentium 4 of the same clock rating at (literally) a fraction of the cost. This is something of a dead end platform, and in a lot of other high end applications (gaming, photoshop, media encoding) the P4 will be quite a bit faster, though. That’s the tradeoff…

Look closely at the picture-- it’s a completely seperate compartment. The air flows in from the front-bottom, and out through the power supply at the back-bottom.

The hot air in the power supply compartment isn’t going anywhere but out!

The Power supply at the bottom is a stupid idea. Hot air goes up and so you want the inlet fan at the bottom and the outlet fan (which is with the power supply at the top). That way the cool air goes up and cools everything.

With the power supply at the bottom the hot air from the power supply is going to go up and heat, not cool the rest of the machine.

Has anyone tried the AMD Turion 64 processor in a notebook? I’m unsure if I should go with the dual core designs or with the AMD 64. I found some HP and Acer 64 AMD notebooks here: Am I better off with a desktop instead of a notebook in this case?

Dual core for sure. AMD’s dual core mobile chips have been delayed slightly.

The Athlon 64 is a great chip, but the Core Duo is equally good. As long as you’re avoiding Intel’s underperforming and overheating Pentium 4 CPUs, you’re fine.

AMD turion is better than Pentium ?

Just wanted to comment on Athlon 64 3500+ has some awesome compiler performance, running it with about 1GB RAM, using Visual C++ for a new retail management suite and just have to say outstanding performance…

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Maybe we could see an update with Athlon 64x2 v Core Duo(when they’re available). It will be interesting to see how much Intel have cought up Amd for .Net

Great blog!

I agree the power supply at the bottom bad idea. The hot air will rise making the computer hardware components hotter than necessary.