Basic Design Principles for Software Developers

The worst thing they ever did was allow coders to do design work. The result is a lot of coders running around calling themselves web designers when they don’t know anything about design at all. All of the horrible websites out there were designed by coders. Web programmers, definitely. Web designers, definitely not. If this book helps at all with that, good deal.

In fairness, all the sites out there that don’t function properly were made by designers, not coders : )

Hah! I got this book years ago, actually learnt quite a lot from it!

desinger? I hate it.

The font style on the cover is from the Craftsman era, an architectural style that was a response to the gaudy Victorian era. The style was more simple and functional. Maybe the author chose it for this reason.

good ones!! both the blog and the blog.

oops… its the book n the blog

learning about design is great, just don’t use your newfound knowledge to get on the nerves of the real designers :slight_smile:

you don’t want the designers to tell you what design pattern to use, so don’t tell them what color to use.

I can name a startup that uses MS tech. ( is making a killing with text messaging. It is not just hype and dreams either, they are actually making money.