Building a PC, Part VI: Rebuilding

I can't believe it's been almost two and a half years since I built my last PC. I originally documented that process in a series of posts:

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One upgrade that I am looking at that you didn’t mention is getting an SSD drive. It is beginning to be affordable and some people says that it improves performance a lot. What do you think?

@Jon: I bought one a month ago. The improvement is massive. I’m using it for programs, not Windows. I’m not sure if the writes are actually all that limited, but I can deal with Windows taking a minute, I can’t deal with the five some of my other apps do.

It seems to me like that fan is facing the wrong way. If it was facing the other it could go directly to the rear exhaust, unless of course that is an intake.

I was about to build almost the same system, I was about to order parts today and then I found this blog post, very useful! Thanks

why no

Thanks for the tip on the cooler. That thing is great, and the screw mount is SO much better than shoving those plastic things in!

"Mainstream software is finally ready for quad core CPUs."
And now in a month or so, Intel will release the first six-core Core i7 CPU as an Extreme Edition.

Hey, I’m soon going to build a new machine and go with the P183 but I assume those noise-dampening foam mats like on your photo are not included. Would be cool if somebody knows what exactly they are called or where I would be able to buy them.

He talks about SSDs in an earlier post:

summary, they’re generally awesome but there is still some crap on the market.

In my opinion there is nothing you can add to a computer that will be as big an improvement for as little cost.

We use solid states all the time, they are great… once you’ve used one you’ll never want to go back to a traditional hard drive!

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Wow this computer looks ancient!!!

I’m sure in 30 odd years time we’ll be saying the same about the newsony ngp online type stuff!