Changed my mind on this issue

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After seeing what feminists do and hearing their explanations, I’ve changed my mind on this topic.
It’s hard to provide specific sources, it’s my current model of reality.

Women don’t like working in tech, instead they like working with people. Since they have more and more economic freedom (also because of government welfare) they can more and more do what they like and avoid what they don’t. Professions like doctor have a lot more women than men, so women can get into the ‘hard’ jobs, if they want to.

Because of our biology women have a high sexual market value when they are young. That’s when they are fertile, and it doesn’t last. Men find women attractive based on their fertility and sexual availability and absolutely need females to bear women. Where one male can easily make many females pregnant, so men are replaceable. So in society females have always had more value than men and been encouraged to be careful and have others help you, we still see this in apes. Also I think women probably died a lot during child birth when humans just started walking upright, increasing their value even more, this is all instinctive.

As a result some women have been spoiled too much. They are so used to everyone catering to their needs and letting them be right, any time it doesn’t happen they get angry. When you look at the examples of ‘oppression’ feminists quote in the western world, it’s almost always a disagreement or other trivial problem.

I’ve also heard about a research that both men and women are massively biased in favor of women against men. However I cannot find the source for this. If true it would explain why women think men in powerful positions are oppressing women, when they are not, because that’s what how the women would treat people of the opposite gender. I think feminist behavior shows how women in power would treat men They falsely accuse men of sexual harassment to get them in jail over something irrelevant like manspreading. It’s sexist, for one because they ignore women who put their bad on the seat next to them.

I do agree women were oppressed in the past. But that was because of religion and religion oppresses everyone, when it oppresses men we just don’t care/see it.

Concluding I think men and women behave differently and are treated differently because of our different biology.

Mostly good, but you lose me with the cop-out attack on “religion.”

So then how else where women oppressed other than through religion? And don’t just say “patriarchy kept them at home” because that’s driven by religion. Also some more arguments/examples of male disposability