Choosing Your Own Adventure

The Choose Your Own Adventure book series was one of my favorites as a young reader.

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Good luck Jeff

Can’t believe it took you so long! Good luck amigo - good things await!

Good luck! I’m excited to hear what you’re working on.

Also, I am obligated by law to post a link to Joey DeVilla’s “Assrockets and Opportunities” which is a different-- but wholly awesome-- take on the same topic.

Congratulations, Jeff! Can’t wait to hear about your new venture (when you’re ready, that is)

(double chest thump + peace sign) ai

Good luck Jeff! I hope you will blog about the life on the other side.

I love Choose Your Own Adventure books, too! I didn’t realize they were popular enough to ever find another person who had read and enjoyed the Cave of Time. Although, I disagree after there only being 11 positive outcomes. I liked some of the alternate lives in strange times. Good luck Jeff. This is a big step and I hope you succeed!

Those books are awesome, they, along with the Hardy Boys, Encyclopedia Brown and The Mad Scientists Club made up 95% of my reading material in my young reading life.

Good luck! Does this mean you’ll be moving to Seattle?

I can’t talk about the new project yet. I apologize for the secrecy, I really do, but there’s simply not enough to justify talking about it yet.

Also, if you visit the Vertigo jobs page…

That’s me in the banana suit. Seriously.

Congratulations Jeff…
and good luck in your new venture

If you want a good laugh… here you go!
Jeff’s towards the lower right. Mouse-over to get the name.


This, I believe, is my second comment on your blog, Jeff. I know the blog will continue, but this time of change is a good opportunity to thank you for all the great articles and for sharing your thoughts with the readers.

And, of course, good luck with the new path you chose. You’ve made a bold choice. I have no doubt in my mind that you will do well with the new venture.

I never thought of them as my first programmer books, but you’re completely right. Now, thanks to your post I’ve digged out my old “Elige tu propia aventura” books. I hope page 10 turns out great for you!

Have fun, work hard and good luck Jeff!

Sure, you might end up on one of those red boxes, but at least you’ve stopped staring at the page and really chose your very own adventure.

Best of luck Jeff!

Nothing worthwhile has ever come easily or without some amount of risk. Thank you for your awesome posts so far, looking to read more from you, and best of luck in your new adventure.

Best of luck with your new job Jeff and congratulations on landing the new role. I do hope you keep the blog running, as I (and I am obviously not alone) really enjoy reading it.

Again, congratulations and all the best.

Good luck!

Wow - I salute your bravery Jeff, and hope it all works out for you.