Coding Horror Sightings

The free stickers were all mailed Monday. Here's a quick statistical breakdown, courtesy of my wife:

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I just got mine today when I got home from school… Yes… I’m still in high school :-/… Regardless, i was excited.

Holy crap, I thought for sure that there would be other Saskatchewanites… Saskatchewanians… people from Saskatchewan who would have ordered it besides me. The mail can be slow where I live, so I haven’t seen them yet - maybe next week. Thanks!


Lots of Colorado. Mine got here today. Thanks a lot Jeff!

I got mine today, and I was planning on sticking it on my laptop, but my yellow Wumpus sticker clashes with silver, so I don’t know where to put that one, yet. Thanks for the stickers! I can use them to frighten my roommate who doesn’t know what a wumpus is. :slight_smile:

I received mine yesterday. Many thanks!

Very excited, but not sure what to do with it.

I may give it to my teenage son, as it may be considered different enough to trancend his collection of Volcom, DC, etc. stickers and he will be the envy of his friends.

Thank you!

Hmm, I KNEW I forgot to do something… (from SD here)

it’s going on my car for sure.

Yea! They showed up today. And I am the only person in all of Switzerland with them!

I can die happy now.

Look, Ma! I’m on Coding Horror!

Canada ain’t international? (=

Am I the only one from Maine?

Got mine on Friday. Many thanks! I’ll get you a picture when I get situated in the new house.

Got mine Friday. Thanks, Jeff!

Sam: Jeff separated out as international the countries that couldn’t get the free stickers; Canada could, along with the US.


Got mine on my stylish 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix.


Curiously, my short term memory loss kicked in and when I got it in the mail, I wondered (albeit shortly) if it were from that crazy chick I no longer talk to in Oakland. And considered it (briefly) a terrorist attack.

And then I looked through the envelope and realized it was my sticker. Go team! Hooray. I needn’t call the bomb squad.


I got mine in the mail on Friday, and I was worried about opening the envelope. It looked offical, and usually when I get a letter like that it’s just bad news that I don’t want to know about.

Obviously, I was quite pleased when I opened it to find my Coding Horror sticker. It went right on my laptop.

Super Cool!

Thanks, I received mine on saturday.

I got mine in the mail yesterday. It’s a really nice sticker.

Thanks again.

I got mine Monday. International shipping just worked fine.
Thanks a lot!