Comic Sans, the Font Of The Gods

You may be familiar with the font Comic Sans MS:

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So whats your favourite font?

Praise the Lord - someone else who sees the stupidity of this font! I’m so happy to see a site dedicated to banning it!

I regularly see this font used where I work (a blue chip bank) in official and serious business emails from manager. It’s beyond me how people think that it’s a suitable font for anything other than (duh) comic text. Although, often I find its use belies the author’s incompetence in grammar and spelling, too.

I’m now just waiting to see a redundancy notice written in it.

That’s hilarious. I was reading and agreeing that comic sans has its place, not in the serious written tone places…and I looked over at an advertising sheet that I made, and lo and behold…comic sans…OMG! I guess it doesn’t look very serious or professional does it? I’ll think twice before doing that again with business stuff. However, I did write a book for kids and used it there. It’s a kid friendly font I feel. It just looks closer to actual hand printing than anything else.

Comic Sans and all who use it must die.

A certain blood relative of mine thinks Comic Sans is the perfect font for VB.NET code…he says it “just looks right” (and I don’t believe he has any strong love of Comic Sans as a font - if you know what I mean).

I use Comic Sans for programming. One day I got sick of trying to distinguish { from ( from [, or . from , or 1 from l in my code, so I wrote out a string of commonly obscured symbols and tested it in about 30 different fonts. Comic Sans won, and I’ve been using it in my code ever since. I have never used it anywhere else. The lighthearted feel of it makes those long coding sessions a little less oppressive as well.

I use Comic Sans for programming
Ditto, a conclusion reached by the same method for the same reason.

Are you guys serious??

I use Comic Sans for programming.
Ditto, a conclusion reached by the same method for the same reason. Besides, happy code has fewer bugs :wink:


There are many locations where Comic Sans should never be used, including serious business emails and programming.

However, as a teacher, I use it frequently in the kids’ worksheets. This is where it has genuine use, as it familiarises itself to them and stop blocks of text looking so…dry.

It’s easy to read for all but the most dyslexic too.

thanks for designed “Comic Sans”.

“If you love Comic Sans, you dont know much about typography and if you hate it you really dont know much about typography and should get another hobby” - Vincent Connare 2004

Shaun’s quote is from this great interview with Vincent, which is almost all about Comic Sans:

It’s his “freebird”.

This is funny, because I’ve actually had this thought myself on several occasions. I saw it as the font on some companies sign the other day while I was out, and was thinking to myself “Who would actually use Comic Sans in any circumstance other than some kind of joke?”

Mike-- so true. I have to bust out my favorite quote here:

[Using Comic Sans] is analogous to showing up for a black tie event in a clown costume.

That one just kills me every time. Man.

Instead of using the overused Comic Sans MS, use fonts suchas Chalk, Action Man, or Anime Ace.

Did you know that there’s a font called “I Hate Comic Sans”?

My wife teaches at a University (which will remain anonymous) where her boss insists all documents written on a computer must be in 18pt Comic Sans and in a colour other than black, so that any dyslexic students will be able to read them more easily.

I wonder what these dyslexic students make of this policy.

Text in Comic sans may indeed be better for dyslexic people.

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