There's an interesting article documenting the dramatic uptake of .NET

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Ba-humbug! I hate .not
If Microsoft could somehow revoke my vb6 license I would probably switch. As is I try out .net every couple years. Each time i make it about 2 weeks into a new project, then i get frustrated and spend a day porting it all backwards to vb6.

I used Eclipse, it doesn’t compare. I used Delphi 5, 7, 2005 and 2006. I must admit Visual Studio (especially 2005) is the best IDE on the market, whichever criteria you take, it always wins for me.

So, yes, I have to agree with you Jeff.

Doesn’t India graduate 400,000 IT geeks per year? Let them have all the low level .Net work, while you manage the team.

MAN Check out eclipse or intellij. u will get to know what is IDE