Disk Space

Hard disk space, like CPU speed, isn't increasing as fast as it used to:

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My vote is for SequoiaView (http://www.win.tue.nl/sequoiaview/), which has a cleaner interface than SpaceMonger. It also has a nice feature that allows you to colour code the files based on their extension, so you can see quickly see how much space is being taken up by various file types.

You might try diruse, which apparently is a Windows version of Unix’s du:

For command line disk usage, I use du.exe from http://unxutils.sourceforge.net/. Combined with sort.exe from the same place (I rename sort.exe gsort.exe to avoid conflicts), I can:

() du --kilobytes --all --total | gsort --general-numeric-sort --reverse
1231198 total
1231198 .
481482 ./dllcache
52494 ./config
42240 ./config/software
36941 ./mui
33693 ./wbem
22598 ./drivers
20596 ./IME
20317 ./spool
20291 ./spool/drivers
19687 ./spool/drivers/w32x86

(I bet this will look pretty ugly in your comments section…sorry!)
(Correction: Preview shows that it looks just fine. Yay!)

If you like the du Unix command, then you get a port from the SourceForge project, UnxUtils:


Heaps of other useful GNU Unix tools are included in this collection.

I like JDiskReport, available at:


I like SpaceMonger (http://www.werkema.com/software/spacemonger.html) - the graphical representation is (IMO) of use!