Don't Make Me Think, Second Edition

A reader recently pointed out that the second edition of Don't Make Me Think is about to be released. I know I've pimped this book ad nauseam, but I can't help myself-- it's just that good. If you only read one book on usability and UI, it should be Krug's Don't Make Me Think. I even gave it to my wife to read, and she enjoyed it too. Is there any higher praise?

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My wife picked up a copy of the 2nd edition of Don’t Make Me Think for me at Barnes Noble on Saturday. Here’s what’s new:

3 new chapters

Chapter 10: Usability as Common Courtesy
Chapter 11: Accessibility, CSS, and you
Chapter 12: Help! My boss wants me to _____.

To make room for the new chapters, the usability testing chapters in the first edition were condensed into a single chapter. The original un-condensed chapters should be available on Steve’s website “shortly”. This is based on reader feedback. Evidently Steve’s planning a whole book on usability testing, too…

Beyond the three new chapters, there are minor edits throughout based on the workshops Steve runs: “… a few things I’ve rewritten slightly because I think I understand them better now, or I have a better way to explain them.”

Overall, the second edition is a nice update, but not essential. The 2nd edition of Code Complete was a more substantial change, really. I still like having two copies of this particular book, though…

I’ve been trying to get my company to buy the book for me. Really looking forward to checking it out.

The question is whose affiliate link to use. Yours or his. :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll split the diff and get one for home as well.

I guess this is a delurk.
I hit you everyday. Keep up the good work.

You are right, it is a fantastic book.

The title says it all !

That’s a great rule of thumb. DONT MAKE YOUR USERS THINK.
In my opinion, however, there doesn’t need to be a book about it. It’s pretty obvious.
All you need is for someone to say “Hey, don’t make your users think,” and you’re set from there…
But, still, immense props to Krug.