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Farewell Stack Exchange


Great move Jeff. We work to live, not live to work.

I wish you and your family the best.


+1 for helping make the world a better place. Thank you.


Congratulations and best of luck on your next endeavor, whatever it ends up being!


Family is important, congrats on your decision and all the best on your new venture. Thanks for building such a life changing product.



It takes a real man to put the needs of his family ahead of his career. Our country needs more men like you.

So today we’ll all (rightly) give you kudos, for making the right decision, the hard decision, to care for your family.

And tomorrow, we’ll forget about you, and praise men that destroy their families in order to promote their careers.

Leaving the spotlight won’t be easy, but it is an important, manly work, that will yield significant rewards. And not just for you, by loving your wife and children, you make the world a little bit better for everyone, in more lasting ways than any Q&A site.


Great work Jeff! Stackoverflow has had a significant impact on the programming community.

I also switched jobs from a 60-80 hr/week gig to a 44 hr/week job in between child #1 and child #2. The extra time with my family was worth far more than the modest pay cut. You won’t regret your choice.



All the best and thanks :slight_smile:


Good for you… This is a decision you won’t regret.


Wow. Great job in all you have done, including your latest decision to put people first. I’m a hobby coder but a full-time teacher. As much as I have wanted at times to give up teaching and make more money in software engineering, I have chosen to stay put simply because of all the students I have enrolled.

I hope you know how inspiring your work here has been for guys like me. :wink:


I am 29 and have worked for startups for the majority of my professional career and I can say that for me - the mountain I am climbing is to have enough money and success to be able to relax once I finally do have kids.

I want to get there some day.


Jeff, that is really a brave and inspiring decision you’ve made.

I’ve been following your blog, then SO podcasts, being an early member of SO beta and using SO since then, I can tell you like everyone else says, you and the team have made Internet a better place.

At this point in your career, with all the success you’ve had, you are now off to make your home a better place for your kids and the family.

Very inspiring indeed as a fellow geek, there’s a lot to learn from you, as always.

Good luck with your next big thing.




Thank you for the good time, and good luck on your future endeavors. I too have kids and understand what you are going through. Will you continue to blog here?


You are my hero. Thank you for all you gave contributed.


I do not recall the exact quote, but it goes something like this. “To know what is enough is true wealth.” (Tao Te Ching)

It is bold to move away from the work you love and for type A people, it is a constant struggle: http://www.obxerve.com/en/topic/work-life-balance/.

I wish you the best.



I’ve cited your articles in conversation more times than I can remember. StackOverflow changed my life forever, and I appreciate your work and time.

I wish you luck in your future endeavors, both with code and your family.


Thank you for all your work.


Thanks for making the internet a better place.


Enjoy your deserved break, Jeff. And for the next project, bring back Game Basement Radio!


Thanks Jeff. I wish you all the best !!


Congratulations, good luck and thank you for everything!