Five Things You Didn't Know About Me (and my office)

I've been reluctant to respond to the Five Things You Didn't Know About Me meme. I generally take Kathy Sierra's advice when it comes to describing my background:

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@PL: I noticed the Vista desktop - I meant in addition to Windows.

I’m curious if Jeff has has used Linux at all - it might be interesting to hear the perspective of someone who has (apparently) mastered using Windows efficiently.

I learned more than I needed to know about you when I visited your “Boom Boom Room”.

Great post!

AmigaBasic… Those were the days. I still have my Amiga 500, somewhere around here.

Now the office stuff is very nice, and it’s nice to hear others suffer the same Mathematic deficiencies… but the Safety Dance, you were screwing up the Safety Dance? Haven’t you seen the video, it’s like 3 straight minutes of a guy, a girl, and a ‘little person’ giving you a Safety Dance demo ( ). Thats like my favorite music video of all time! At least it worked out for you in the end.

Haven’t you seen the video, it’s like 3 straight minutes of a guy, a girl, and a ‘little person’ giving you a Safety Dance demo ( ).

You’re so right. I guess I never quite made the connection between that S-shaped hand gesture and a dance.

Where you find stuff like the tangle or the putty? They are pretty much office-must-haves. I am always on the watch for office gadgets that don’t need a lot of electric power

It’s a full-time job, finding this useless crap. You should see the gadgets that aren’t visible.

Amazing office! I enjoyed that post, even though I just started reading your blog.

Being a coder who likes being able to use keystrokes (and few of them) to do things, do you use Linux or just Windows?

@Adam DiCarlo
Obviously he uses Windows Vista, it’s right there on the picture, look.

The Pong Clock has been sold out, the last 10 are reserved for sale on Ebay, you can goto thier web site and they will send email when they are placed on ebay.

Original price was 199 Euro and by going to the web site you get to see a horrid web design.

Look at that desk! It’s pristine! This man does no work. No wonder you have so much time for the blog!

I love the fact that you have MS Bob permanently on display. Talk about a “coding horror”…

Is it true that Melinda was in charge of MS Bob? That’s the rumor that I’ve heard throughout the years…


cood pong clock, and great story on how you met your wife…!! btw, it’s nice to meet another 80’s freak! U2, Big Country, Flock of Seagulls, After the Fire, Falco, Mr. Mister, Men at Work, Men Without Hats, Fixx, Call, Cure, Patty Smythe and Scandal, Midnight Oil, Tom Tom Club David Byrne, etc., etc. …

those were the days…

You just put that last bit in point 5 to check we were still reading, right?

Well surprisingly the 5 things served as an inspiration to me. I’ve always been appauling at maths and as a programmer it reall bugged me. Thanks for making my day!

Wrapping paper is discontinued :frowning:

That’s some high end stuff. I think I’d feel like I was in a museum where I could look at stuff put not touch or play. Take only photos and leave only footprints…

Beats my slave den away from home:

Great idea with the wrapping paper art!

so, you are not co-located with anyone ?
Or is this your private office but you spend most of your time elsewhere ?

“But I do think I’d have sex with my computers if it was physically possible.”

Ok, that’s one thing I didn’t need to know about you.

Very insightful although I’m not supposed to care. But then, why should i care about not caring? :slight_smile:

“The Keyboard of the Gods” … It’s so true!

IKEA rocks! In german, it is said to be an abbreviation of “Ich kaufe einfach alles.” meaning “I purchase just anything.”. That’s their business model.

Clean desk!! Woooah, wait a second … you cleaned that up before taking the photos, right?

"squishy bloody brain toy, which is totally disgusting and awesome."
I have one myself … looks like giant troll booger, sticks everywhere, has a mouseball somewhere inside, disgusts AND amazes everyone, once was a silicone (or so) gymnastic finger-ball which was treated so badly it literally turned inside out. “Can’t touch this!”

I, too, am a developer who is not great at math, and am sometimes bothered by it. It just took one semester of college-level trig and I was cryin’ like a baby.

But so but anyway in my tiny day-to-day coding world, I find myself faced more frequently with tricky logic puzzles and process problems than actual capital-M Math, so for the most part I’m able to ignore the taunting voice in my head that insults my manhood with differential calculus.

That was by far the most interesting 5 things ever!
Nice one Jeff.

Does it strike you as odd, that there is a guy in a small
town you’ve never heard of in a country you’ll probably never
visit who now knows how you and your wife met, your music taste, your taste in clothing, your academic weaknesses etc? Such is the joy of blogging I guess.

I’ll be picking up those headphones and that keyboard this weekend.



Some responses off the top of my head:

Awesome wrapping paper.

Natural/Mathematical/etc art is the best kind. I’m working on getting some golden ratio/curve/triangle stuff up around here, but damn is it a pain to plan. Mobile is also top notch.

I wouldn’t mind actually having a hardware pong clock, but the screensaver (I think it uses the same algorithm as the clock) bores the tears out of me. I need to clean up my game time screensaver, it does multiple monitors and 3 different games. (modeled it after a Magnavox Odessey 200 instead of an Atari Pong machine. Maybe they won’t sue me over it, heh.) I would have given it away already, but it occasionally gets “stuck” (naive algorithm) and that’s a little embarrasing.