Gaining momentum when trying to get things done on your to do list

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I was wondering about getting started on your To Do list. How do people go about actually getting started. For me I use Tiny Habits to get started but I would love to hear other peoples advice.

How do you get started on your to do list or even big projects?


Some of the best advice I’ve ever heard on the subject of big projects is a song from a musical. Not even a great musical, really.

“One Brick at a Time”, from Barnum.

Like so?

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That, yes :slight_smile:

There are no big projects. Only lots of little projects that will eventually build something big. :slight_smile: And while some of those little projects might depend on others, in the end, the important part is to pick one and get moving.

Which reminds me…I’ve got a pile of PRs to review…

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