Get Me The Laziest People Money Can Buy

Omar Shahine recently posted an inspiring ode to laziness:

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re: #1. Deadlines often have the effect of “helping” identify key goals. Samuel Johnson: “Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

And as for why someone would have IM on at work, I’m baffled. As if the ordinary interruptions weren’t enough.

W/R/T IM at work, I was skeptical too. But it is nice for little one-off questions people have during the day. Within reason. I definitely prefer IM to phone calls or emails for small, straightforward questions that don’t require a lot of back-and-forth brainstorming.

As with email, the trick is knowing when to stop using it and escalate to another, more appropriate communication method.

This is precisely why we need a enterprise version of twitter. Something that has the immediacy of IM, but also not the same level of intrusion.

As with any technology, it will take a few years before it gets adopted within large companies.

@shiva: Laconica!

Funny how this conversation aged. Now we have Slack and Microsoft Teams and 100’s of IM tools that we use everyday lol


And “Laconica” was a reference to

There’s also Mastodon, though I am unclear how much traction that’s getting

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