Gifts for Geeks: 2007 Edition

In case you hadn't noticed, it's that time of year again: let the wholesale buying of crap begin!

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You are incredibly lucky!

wow, what a router!

I spent my entire childhood waiting to grow into an adult partially so I could afford to buy myself all the crap my parents wouldn’t buy me when I was a kid.

i can’t wait to be an adult, all my parent could give me was a Toshiba laptop and 256kb DSl connection to go with it.honestly, who plays online games with that kind of connection (only me with at lot of lag).And also with torrents:a maximum of two would take all of my bandwidth (it sucks huh).i can’t wait for the days of adulthood to dawn on me but first i must code well to secure those days .Happy crap buying Jeff!it is unfortunate i can’t participate :(.A suggestion : maybe this season would be a good time to get a dedicated server and expand coding horror into a community or something like that.

It seems weird to me that they would make the OLED display the color that lasts the shortest. (ie: blue)

Oh well, nice toy all the same. I’m getting myself an XO Laptop ( and the Celle (,1592,a10-c440-p217,00.html) I bought forever ago is coming in on the 20th. :smiley:

Or there’s Oxfam Unwrapped, in case you can live without some new blinking lights.

Rik, is that what you tell your wife or significant other? :slight_smile:

“Honey, I got you this beautiful symbolic gift from Oxfam Unwrapped!”

So apart from the the fact it looks a lot more sexy and has all the blue-ness, does it have much more in functionality of the DLink DIR-655?

From what I can see the specs look pretty similar.

But you haven’t hit the geek gift for the kid (in you) that has everything: url

I can’t believe that it’s impossible to buy this in the US.

Think about it: a combination of “sensible” and “stealth bomber technology.” Perfect!

Well, I’ve already bought one for my fourteen-year-old nephew, anyway.

For one thing, the model you cited is not dual-band; it doesn’t support 5 GHz. All the new Apple Airports are dual-band, for example.

Honestly, I’m wired 99% of the time at home, which is why gigabit is so important to me. The other 1% of the time I am using vanilla 802.11g from my laptop.

I should also note that “GamerFuel” QoS works quite well, but you DO have to give it a bit of breathing room. I tell my torrent downloads to use 90% of my bandwidth but not quite all of it.

Hehe, funny crap is rule) like this:

sweet post, though if my significant other got me a piece of paper with the url for reflector printed on it, no matter how cool that program is, i’d be liable to flip.

Thanks Jeff

You just cost me 1h of valuable work time…

woo definitely three antennas! I’m not buying anything I’m hiding out this christmas

Here is a link to what gamefuel is:,1697,1746080,00.asp

More USB!!! MORE MORE MORE!!! I have 2 7-port hubs … and need to fill them up.


That’s all I have to say on the subject of the router.

I encourage people to buy me stuff I collect - coffee cups and pens. Partially because I freaking love both, but also because I’ll buy just about anything else I want for myself, myself. Yup, if it weren’t for my ever expanding coffee cup collection (did I mention I love coffee cups?), I would be a huge pain to buy for.

And for those that say there is no surprise in it obviously aren’t collectors. Each and every cup is a different and unqiue surpise! Tall, short, big, small, with logo, without, witty quips, clear, colored, clay, porcellain, glass, hand made, factory pressed, dollar store specials (they get some MIGHTY cool cups in for a buck or two!)

Plus, it could be a pen! (and man, oh man, the potential there is practically limitless!)

Err, but I guess that divurged from my original point.

DD-WRT. Don’t be on the internet without it!

@Rik - one of the celebrities appearing on the advert in the UK also does the voiceover for who sell more tat than anybody else


That is one nice router - what games will you be playing through it?

Gogole sez : “and 256kb DSl connection to go with it”

You are lucky you don’t live in Ireland - 256kbps is the standard from our incumbent Telecom monopoly which costs about US$ 55 per month for the privelege!

I have avoided D-Link for years ever since I had a router that was locking up when my wife and I would have two VPN sessions going - one to each of our respective employers. I went to LinkSys routers, and never had any parallel VPN trouble. Now though, I am having a little trouble keeping up with the torrents. Too many connections, I guess, so I’m investigating solutions. Will your DGL-4500 handle the simultaneous VPN? Just out of curiosity, will it isolate the wireless network from the wired? I would LOVE that feature.