Go, Monkey!

There's an interesting interview with Miguel de Icaza at news.com. Miguel is the primary developer behind the open-source port of the .NET runtime known as the Mono Project. This project was recently purchased by Novell, ostensibly to bolster the development tools available on Linux. Miguel seems refreshingly free of the dogma I expect from Linux and open source developers in general:

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<Thread-Necromancy> I would say 16 years later that it isn’t ASP.NET that has more or less usurped J2EE/JEE’s thrown w/r to enterprise/back-end development but Spring/Spring Boot and the various popular JavaScript frameworks…Mono is doing great, but as far as I can tell…it is a niche tool set that is most being used these days for game scripting and cross-mobile platform development</Thread-Necromancy>