Did you ever get the feeling that the browser address bar is the new command line? I keep forgetting how much functionality Google provides in their search text box; I was reminded when Damien Katz posted a link to a nice little Google search cheat sheet. Google also automatically recognizes certain strings, such as UPS tracking numbers, UPC codes, math calculations, etcetera. Here's a list of those shortcuts, with helpful examples. There's also a more comprehensive list of supposedly undocumented (at least on Google's web site) search operators. Interestingly, I found another list with at least one operator I've been looking for-- date range-- which doesn't appear at all on the other list:

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A lot of the search commands, at least where appropriate, also work in GMail.

For example, it annoys me I can’t have a view on the menu which just shows unread messages. (I tend to leave actionable e-mails in the Inbox until complete and then archive them). What I saw somewhere else you can do though is to do the search “is:unread”, and this will list all unread e-mails. From that screen you can Apply a New Label and bam, a quick link to show all unread e-mails.

The “special Google search page” has a popup in Firefox stating “this only works in IE”. WTF…OMG…BBQ! :stuck_out_tongue: Without starting a flame war…why do you have to make things browser-specific? ActiveX is one thing…but OMG. Come on!

Back on topic…Google friggin’ owns. Too bad I only have 3 shares of the stock. I wish I had bought more…oh well.

I don’t think I’d want to live without my “msdn” keyword in Firefox:

msdn datatable

Bill, is that this?

aka Mozilla “keymarks”?

A number of these keywords can be inferred from the Google Advanced Search pages; searches done from that page will have the keywords in the resulting search criteria.

Jeff - The URL command line is finally here: . And you can integrate it with the Firefox address bar by setting keyword.URL.

Once you’ve set keyword.URL to you can type “ls” to get a list of commands!

Phillip Lenssen’s expert google search tips are far, far better than mine.

Here’s one about stop words:

Google doesn’t have “stop words” anymore. Stop words traditionally are words like [the], [or] and similar which search engines tended to ignore. Sometimes, when you enter e.g. [to be or not to be], Google even decides to show some phrase search results in the middle of the page (separated by a line and information that these are phrase search results).

Another good set of tips.

It appears someone has taken your words to heart: .

thanks for this post.

WOW…awesome informations…can’t believe a search engine like google can do so many magics. Many thanx for sharing

Yes, google rules. However, one thing I could not understand is why GMAIL does not offer a natural logic option: sorting. Its search function searchs only content, not sender’s address.

Yes, the more we have, the more we want