Happy Talk Must Die

Per Steve Krug's excellent book, Don't Make Me Think:

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I agree. Krug’s book is amazing, well worth every penny for his concise descriptions on how to improve web design.

You just made me buy the book :slight_smile: Of course, this is not the first time I’ve heard praise for it, but you’ve finally persuaded me…

It’s fantastic.

You can give Don’t Make Me Think to anyone who knows the tiniest bit about computers and they’ll appreciate the message (eg, managers :wink: ). It’s extremely well-written and even fun to read.

Happy talk exists in books as well, it is called the back cover. Continuing with the book analogy, I would say that the books TOC is much better at explaining what the chapters are than most of the navigation bars I have seen on the web.

I own this book and shared it with our marketing department. They enjoyed it and now understand the struggles of designing usable Web sites.

I’m an atheist that has great disdain for this world. You’ll never see “Happy Talk” on my blog. You’ll never hear “Happy Talk” come out of my mouth. You’ll never taste “Happy Talk” when you kiss my @$$! Hehehehe…

Jeff, I will buy the book (which I have already read) but you have to sign it :wink: