HCI Remixed

I like to take one or two books with me when I travel, and one of the books I chose for this trip is HCI Remixed.

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reasons why we wont see many inovations:


  1. multi-touch is patented by apple, thats why the google phone can’t do it.

  2. click-less mice are patented, thats why logitech mice all are so loud.

Just about anything interesting is patented, so combining it into new and interesting things is all but impossible.

my 2c

I hate acronyms. What the heck does HCI mean?

Some of the technologies for making a mouse click-less is patented, not click-less mouses. There is nothing that stops you from designing a mouse that uses, for example, some custom made spring to reduce/remove noise from buttons.

Ah, the ills of capitalism.

I enjoy reading about people so much more accomplished than myself. it depresses me for a while, sure, but eventually it motivates. Now if only that motivation could materialize into something concrete.

@Jaco: But the reason I visited wikipedia in the first place was that I didn’t know what it referred to; how could I then know what it generally refers to?

@Jeff Atwood: When you use an abbreviation/initialism etc. always write out the full name in a parenthesis, or link to a previous article defining the term. No matter how obvious it may seem to you, or to any american programmers, there’s always the possibility that non native speakers won’t recognize the term. Actually non-US native english speakers may think of a different abbreviation with the same letters: in this case UK citizens may think (I’m just guessing since I’m Norwegian) you refer to Home Computer Initiative, a United Kingdom government programme wich is listed first on the disambiguation page…

(I’m currently looking for a new work, and I’m often annoyed by skill requirements listing lots of abbreviations that could either refer to something computer related or to some sale related etc… why do people do this?)

I’ve done research projects with David Mcdonlad which is one of the co author of this book, and I highly recommend this book to anyone as well.

He has put great effort, and the depth of knowledge he has of HCI is amazing. You can see what research projects he’s doing from www.ischool.washington.edu as well.

I hate reading. What the heck do words mean?

@Jeff Atwood: In this case UK citizens may think (I’m just guessing since I’m Norwegian) you refer to Home Computer Initiative, a United Kingdom government programme wich is listed first on the disambiguation page…
We really wouldn’t. And besides, Jeff unfolds the abbreviation on the second line after the book’s screenshot. Doing it in the title would ruin the punchiness.
You might as well argue that you need a dictionary definition of all the words in a sentence. And then you’d need a definition of all the words in the definition, and then a definition of…
Ahhhh, recursion.

Qvasi, the exact meaning, if one happens to not know it, is fairly obvious from the context. And it’s written out in one of the first sentences, HCI Remixed covers all the major milestones in the field of human computer interaction [sic].

On the seemingly impractical approaches.
I happened to see a few years-old video of an American scientist. She claimed that using a whiteboard for brainstorming was imperfect as someone too eager could just monopolize the marker/board/attention. To fight that, they’ve bought some superexpensive equipment and software to do essentially the same using a ~30 multitouch screen. The video then proceeded to show three students chatting while moving a bunch of photos here and there across that desktop – as if that could help in brainstorming somehow.
I had to admit that either I totally failed to see the problem they supposed to be solving, or some scientists are more concerned with spending (large) fundings than with advancing HCI.

@Tom: Oh… my bad… I didn’t notice that, partly because I was mentally scanning for a pair of parentheses or Hsometing Csomething Isomething (that is capitalized).

But I would still recommend to put the unfolded term right next to the abbreviation, to make it more clear what the mystic letters refer to. (Or the reverse as wikipedia do : Human–computer interaction or HCI

About UK citizens I DID say it was just a guess… :wink:



It’s a programming related blog. We know what is HCI, nothing else comes in our head. It’s HCI. Duh…

It says Post. It doesn’t say Preview. Or Post and Preview. It’s CS. There’s abstraction. You gotta think!

HCI is explained in the line:
HCI Remixed covers all the major milestones in the field of human computer interaction
I believe that this about covers the abbreviation. Did we not actually read the post? I was at no time confused by this. I must not understand how everyone is so confused.

I believe that this about covers the abbreviation.

I agree with Mike Brown. I didn’t know what it stood for, but I read the article. Now I know. No confusion.

I do have to say, Jeff, now I KNOW your level of geekiness far exceeds mine. I can’t see myself reading a book like this for fun. :wink:

Calm down. Qvasi didn’t know what it meant, so he asked. Now he knows.

Why is Jeff Atwood using redirects to take us to commentor’s websites? To ensure their Google page ranks don’t go up?

This trip? What trip?!

Ah, give Jeff a break. He’s just pimping a book for Amazon commissions. Anybody who’d be interested in buying the book already knows what HCI means.

Although when I first saw it, I admit my first thought was hydrochloric acid? Why would anybody write a book about remixing that?.

Don’t forget HMI and MMI! (In this context)

@Ravi: probably to discourage people spamming comments simply to up their page rank.

@Jeff: I really have been trained by Stack Overflow already… I tried to find the up arrow for this post.

Glad to see the blog is getting more active recently.