Holy Great Minds, Batman!

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codinghorror said:
You love painting bikesheds! Yay! You’re in good company

I just spent too much time reading through your many blog posts (and I’m no where near being done)
Your “Programmer’s Bill of Rights” contains the same laments I’ve preached for years.
My Sennheiser PXC 350 noise-cancelling headphones and Pandora on my smartphone save my sanity whilst being surrounded by jabbering program managers and a printer on the other side of my cube that seems to constantly need new reams of paper added to it.

Here’s my self-built, adjustable stand for my ergonomic Logitech thumb-ball mouse (has followed me to 4 different jobs) – no more wrist issues! Ergonomic keyboard and ‘normal’ mouse for other people to use:

Good blog, I’m gonna have to read more.

Great! Glad you’re enjoying it. I do have some posts on headphones as well:


Trackball mice are rare beasts.