A little over a month ago, I announced that I was quitting my job. But there was also something else I didn't fully announce.

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Maybe I ought to mention my number one peeve about ExEx hits in Google then. I might not be unique.

I detest following a link that ends up saying “Sorry Charlie, you have to register here in order to get what we told the web spiders we have to offer you about this!”

I always assume there’s a hidden catch too if I were to follow up, like another browser toolbar, some kind of spyware requirement, etc.

What? No rss reed for the podcast!

WOW! That is great news. Congratulations!

so was the winning name?
curiously only this weekend i doing tree balancing experiments and vc ended my execution without so much as a whisper as to what was wrong. after awhile i realized i was overflowing the stack with recursion. vc was quiet about it because i wasn’t doing a check of some kind i suppose but i would have thought the system would say something about it. i guess you took away its voice by coveting the name. curious coincidence… good name though for you site. good luck with it as well.

Awesome, really looking forward to this Jeff.


I detest following a link that ends up saying “Sorry Charlie, you have
to register here in order to get what we told the web spiders we have to
offer you about this!”

Scroll down to the bottom of the page… the answers are there*, no registration required.

  • (Works On My Computer certified)


The joke about ExEx and the “you must register to view these answers” is that you DON’T have to–just scroll waaaaaaaaaay down the page past the scrambled answers and the big pile of adds, and the real answers are posted.

Congrats, Jeff! I’ll be taking a look!

Not to be negative, but one thing I disagree with you on is your use of bold type. Every time I read one of your posts, I can’t help but get the impression that your key points and conclusions are in bold because the reader is somehow not smart enough to grasp their importance otherwise. For some reason this frustrates me to no end. I would enjoy reading much more if it was used more sparingly. Anyway, just an opinion, so take it for what it’s worth.

This is going to delve into a hearty discussion of EX-EX I’m sure heh I registered years ago before they had the crappy formula they have now. I still find it fairly useful.

However, great to see Jeff. I’d assumed this was what your new community was going to be about and I’m grateful. It should be a really excellent resource and I look forward to watching the startup unfold.

I haven’t gotten through the podcast quite yet.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this site. I know I’ll be tuning in.

congrats Jeff and Joel. I hope the site will have the content that we all wish we had access too. Something a bit more thought engaging than tutorial du-juour ala code project or 4 guys from rolla.

Looks like you need someone to design the site!

I know you got a to do with creating a CMS, wiki, whatnot and getting thigns ready for launch…BUT

RSS your podcast. Seriously. If I can’t put you into iTunes and by extension my ipod you might as well not exist. Its the only way I keep up with Hanselminutes and .NET Rocks!

How dare you dis expert-sex-change! They have the best domain in the business :wink:

Methinks too many people think what they’re seeing on is the finished product…

rolls eyes

I too, think that an RSS feed for the podcast would be more than handy.

I’m looking forward to it Jeff!

And on a side note, I believe the ExEx trick is to view it with Google cache and scroll to the bottom for answers.

Where is the RSS feed? The page mentioned a podcast.


This should be fun. :slight_smile: