KeyTraino for Visual Studio 2005

Leon Bambrick is full of good ideas. Like KeyTraino, for instance:

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Sweet, I’ve always wanted a dancing banana in my IDE! Now I wish that Xcode had that function. :frowning:

That’s a rather cool idea, but I do wonder what the productivity increase would be? A couple of seconds maybe? Still going to give it a go, though.

Excellent - I am all for fruit themed humor.

That banana rocks. Totally!!!

Although from the looks of that window, you’re running on Vista.

So don’t try the shortcut to enable debugging :wink:

plz don’t make fun of my SlickEdit. it’s about the last industrial strength editor that does vi(m). wouldn’t want them to feel picked on.

It’s peanut butter jelly time…

strange that, based on the number of comments about it, the dancing banana seems to be the killer feature here. you’d think the other stuff would be kind of useful to?

and thanks for the link out jeff!

Any bets on how long until Hanselman writes this up? Wonder if he’ll consider turning the banana on for Zenzo?

Peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat!

I just installed the SlickEdit tools, and they were nothing but buggy. I kept getting those “Visual Studio has encountered an error”-type messages, and it would lock up occasionally when I was doing something totally benign, like pasting in an XML file. Didn’t try the SLOC thing or the object browser (I was just trying to get stuff done without a lockup), and the indentation marker is neat but isn’t all that useful since VS (like any modern code editor) does all your indenting automagically.

The install doesn’t include any mechanism for bug reporting, and after 2 minutes of browsing their site I didn’t find any such link. So, I uninstalled it, and I won’t bother looking at their premium products anytime soon.

Dancing banana! I NEED this plugin.

It’s peanut butter jelly time…

A dancing banana? Best…plugin…ever!

So, how long until a plugin that analyzes the code you are writing and suggests more idiomatic solutions?

‘That function seems very similar to Utils.FixBrokenSpork. Click here for more’.

‘That loop iterates over the contents of a list the long way - “foreach (type x) in list” is a common simple way. Click here to rewrite your function’

Visual Studio can already parse the code for highlighting, Intellisense and refactoring…

Forget the dancing Banana you need admiral Ackbar.
And when you get a build error just think

“Thats things not operational yet!”

This is so cool it even works in my Fortran editor !

strange… can’t you people write your own plug in? I can’t… I’m still studying… :smiley:
You could put something like a dancing “idunnowhatthehellyouwant”.

Honestly? It can put the dancing banana in my Emacs editor? This I gotta see…