Large images cut off on blog

Large images are overflowing/being cut off on the main blog,
(I’d include an image here if I could :stuck_out_tongue:)

to fix this (if you want to) add this to the img tag for embedded comments:

.whateverclass img {
    max-width: 608px;
    height: auto;

On desktop or on mobile?

Desktop. Just tested it on my tablet (Nexus 7), happens there too.

Can you provide the URL to an example post with the problem? (I included an anchor to the comment, but since it’s in an iframe it doesn’t jump). It’s about 3/4 of the way through the comments.

Oh you mean this one?

Yeah, maybe there can be an image width CSS rule there @eviltrout?

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OK I added

Looks better now thanks @nicksahler!

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