Meet the Arch-Nemesis of Productivity: The Internet

In a world of 43Folders* and dozens of other blogs that worship at the altar of Getting Things Done, it's a little surprising that nobody has taken aim at the #1 enemy of productivity everywhere: The Internet.

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But internet is also a great resource. Every time I get stuck on some difficult programming problem, I hit google to find some answers. And more often than not, I find useful information somewhere.

It’s also great when I need to do something that I have never done before. I find it extremely helpful to look at available examples, and code snippets before I start working on a new project.

Not to mention support groups and forums where you can get in touch with all sorts of experts, and get helpful advice.

Sure, keeping up with all the blogs and webcomics hurts my productivity but it also is a very useful research and communication tool.

Just like with everything else, it’s all about self discipline.

jeff - did you draw that? who knew you had such artistic talents?

It’s ironic that I am reading this instead of getting on with my (mind-numbingly boring) task of string externalisation…

(and no, we can’t automate it - 90% of cases are special cases :S)

“it’s hard to sip from a firehose of information”

thats one great line, man…I enjoy your blog tremendously…thanks!!

I had no idea that Jeff was so old, if indeed that picture is accurate. Also, I didn’t know they had the internet on typewriters.

@doomedforsuccess: I don’t think that it is the garbage that takes our time, so that you have to spend hours to separate signal from noise (ok, maybe when you’re browsing MSDN; these are things like this blog, e-mail, IM and hundred other things that interrupt your work/think-flow.

Did anyone check ?

Ops, that’s a wrong link. I was thinking of time boxing technique (a relatively simple one) where you say: I’m working on this piece for the next 2 hours. No mails, no slashdot. And after you finish, you give yourself some prize, like a lunch or slashdot visit…

…and here we are checking out…back to work!

I do that do, although usually it’s a better idea to go, I will finish this sub-objective before giving myself a prize, rather than set a time amount, that way you’re driven to work at a reasonable pace.

The drawing is actually from Asher Sarlin’s Elephantitis of the Mind.
(He’s got a lot of other funny stuff, but this is one of the best.)

Jeff, it might be nice to give the artist a little attribution. :wink:

I agree. When I seriously need to get work done, I turn disable the wireless and things tend to move along better.

I agree entirely… when I designed my website, I did it with very little resources and no internet connection. None. The Internet is truly a distraction to productivity.

And I find this on my feed reader on the morning I am supposed to be filling in my half-yearly self-appraisal form. No wonder the guy at the next desk gave me a funny look, for bouncing quietly up and down.

Oh! I am not alone. I do not remove ethenet cables I just disable them. This I find easy rather to bend and remove the ugly cable.

Jason: absolutely! I didn’t know who the artist was. Thank you, lazyweb!

Get an AlphaSmart word processor and go sit at a coffee shop or under a tree in the park. Your productivity will sky-rocket.

yeah man…ditto

I go to the Library to get things done. Not only is there no Internet connection, but you can’t even get up to go to the bathroom without packing up your whole computer so you learn to hold it. :wink:

woo internet woo!
woo! it’s like vegas in my lap, without the herp.