Meta Is Murder

Are you familiar with the term "meta"? It permeates many concepts in programming, from metadata to the <meta> tag. But since we're on a blog, let's use blogging to explain what meta means. If you've read this blog for any length of time you've probably heard me rant about the evil of blogging about blogging, a.k.a. meta-blogging. As I said in Thirteen Blog Cliches:

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Slow day I guess…nothing to see here move on

I can’t tell whether this post was meant to be ironic, or not.

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two comments:

  1. the process is important, specialy when the rules are unknown and you have to coordinate effort. it has value in onlince communities because you need a place to hear people on how to do things.
  2. people left unguided prefer to talk about people, so any place without guidance will become a discussion about the people themself.

Blog on system engineering:

two words: politics

I cannot agree more strongly with Jeff!

I haven’t read your blog so I can’t comment on it. But I think this comment system is really great, although it is sometimes difficult to read the captcha. Just thought, I’d let you know.

License plates…

I agree that it can destroy a community. Any sort of internet forum typically suffers from this, too. You can either silence it (by banning folks and closing threads),confine it(akin to something awful’s many meta subforums), or let it ride. But in the case of SA, it is a Very Good Thing since most other internet niche forums do not cater to “survival of the fittest” mentality, even though actual public discourse sways towards those that are most articulate, well-read, and with well thought out opinions. On the internet, ANY nobody can post whatever, which becomes mayhem.

“Anything you can do I can do meta.”

Agh! Cleartype-enabled screencap! My eyes!!!

“And consider: how is progress made in the world? By sitting around and debating the process of how things are done ad nauseam? Or by, y’know … doing stuff?”

That’s easy. There would have been very little progress in the world without debating and understanding processes, before doing stuff. Do you think we got to the moon because people just decided to do stuff, or was there a huge amount of debating how things should be done before hand?

Of course, you do then have to do stuff, and you are trying to set up a false dichotomy with the use of the word “or”. But doing stuff without discussing how to do it, or asking yourself why you do it, can be the real impediment to progress.

With all respect, this is the worst I’ve seen on your blog. There was no content in this post at all, I feel like you’ve wasted my time in posting this. Please, if you don’t have anything good to post, just don’t post.


I guess you think things like generics and templates are murder as well?

I think he’s found a subject about which it is guaranteed that just about every post agrees with him, one way or another.

I’m blogging about you blogging about you blogging about blogging right now!

Someone please blog about me blogging about Jeff blogging about Jeff blogging about blogging please and the world will be a better place!

Captcha: Elleen vitiated (wha?)

I’m about one post away from deleting this RSS feed.

Am I the only one who felt the not so subtle reference to Meat is Murder by The Smiths? Was it intentional?

“I’m about one post away from deleting this RSS feed.” - Casey

That about sums it up.

Jeff, I ccan’t believe you missed the awesome pun:

a sort of METAdone for Getting Things Done.