Moire Screensaver Source

I'm not a big screensaver enthusiast per se, but one of my all time favorite screensavers is definitely Moire from the DirectX 8.1 SDK. It's simple yet visually striking, and it works seamlessly on multiple monitors. It's also hardware accelerated on each monitor without requiring a lot of video card horsepower or CPU time.

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Compiled just fine on my system. I ran a comparison between the two projects to see your changes. Nice work…and I can see the difference visually.

Thanks for that.

One small note: we noticed that developers with the DX9 SDK installed can’t compile this solution. Not sure why, exactly, but developers with no SDK installed (eg, plain XP installs) have no problems whatsoever compiling it.

So if you have the DX9 SDK installed you might have difficulty compiling this.

You’ve changed what was a neat but predictable screensaver into what is now my favorite piece of animated art on my screen. I really like it!

Thanks John! I totally agree; I always loved the effect but hated the predictability! It’s amazing how much more effective it is with the small random color change…

Try my MoireScreenSaver at (C source is also there (about 200 lines))

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