.NET Compiler Performance

After working with VB6 and "classic" ASP for so long, I got spoiled with effectively nonexistent compile times. Part of that, of course, is due to how old the environments are-- or were. I remember using VB5 shortly after its release on Pentium 1 class hardware, and it wasn't what I would call 'fast' either.

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OK, so doing a little math on the Pentium 4 3.0ghz and effect of cache size on compilation time:

512kb L2 - 235 sec
1024kb L2 - 225 sec (+ 5%)
2048kb L2 - 209 sec (+ 12%)

That’s northwood, prescott, and extreme edition respectively. The prescott has other enhancements (and problems, like longer pipeline and higher latency) so the 1024kb step isn’t in line; I’d expect a true northwood with 1024kb L2 to do a bit better.

Looks like the Prescott isn’t much of an “upgrade” for compile time, anyway.

woah, blast from the past. I have been a fan since probably late 2006 and was reading your backlog… oh the days of Athon64 :’(

Reading backwards here…

I haven’t been able to find any updated benchmarks to current hardware / visual studio 2k5/2k8

Anybody know of any?