Origami Software and Crease Patterns

Robert J. Lang isn't just a physicist and a software developer-- he's also one of the world's foremost paper-folding artists:

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Another Computer Scientist/Paper Folder


Here’s Ned Batchelder’s business card cube:


Reminds me of Flatlanders for some reason. See Imagining the Tenth Dimension, http://www.tenthdimension.com/medialinks.php, for an idea of what I’m referencing (can’t recommend the book because I haven’t yet read it–only heard of it in a short story “Found in a copy of Flat Landers”).
I have never seen Origami this way before… but it’s interesting how Origami can take something seemingly 2d (the paper) in a 3d world and make it mimic something in the third dimension (the spider doesn’t move, but woah there’s complexity there, still).
I have seen trigonometry and calculus this way before – but only on a 2d screen (involving the process of raycasters, raytracers, and voxels) – long before I ever needed to take a formal class in either area of math.

This work by Dr David Huffman might be of interest also. He was very interested in understanding how to make structures with curved folds.


Ow, my hands hurt just looking at that tarantula. I struggle with basic forms…

At first glance I thought the link to the spider picture was an error. Then I looked closer and realized it looked like a clay model because I only glanced. Looking closer I found out…it’s PAPER.

To Mr. Lang…WOW!

If you’re interested in Robert Lang’s book: “Origami Design Secrets”, you can find lots of information about it here:



I love knowing such intricate paper folding is even possible. I admire a person who can think this up and people who actually fold these into realistic looking replicas of insects, etc.

How many years must a beginner practice to have a prayer at doing this, I wonder. Maybe it’s one of those questions with the answer, “If you have to ask, forget it.”

damn you! an outstanding nasty origami. i hate spider and fear them. i wish to know how to fold that spider. very awesome!

even though I’m just 11, I’m an origami freak.but not as good as you!

Not to be disrespectful or anything… but this spider has two legs too many

wrong. that kind of spider has leg-like things on its head, i just forget the scientific name. look it up, you’re online.

Right, the two leg-like appendages are called pedipalps and are actually part of the beast’s mouth.

I have folded many Lang’s model both from diagrams and crease patterns and ended up knowing a lot about these animals.