Pagination on the blog is not great

I red a few articles on your blog as search results about “ruby” and other programming languages before I bookmarked it. I was looking for an Archive link from the very beginning but I couldn’t find one, so I just revisited to read your latest posts.
Finally I decided to use the pagination and read through the archive. I managed to read 30 pages out of 280 total. If you hadn’t claimed that you try to write useful timeless posts and hadn’t written the post about pagination I wouldn’t be posting this comment and asking you to provide a more usable way for going through the archive.
Thanks and sorry if my English is a bit rusty

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Yeah, I think this is a limitation with Ghost (the blog software) but I’ll look into it – they might have improved support for pagination recently.

It’s only in the last few months I was able to add “next post” and “prev post” support!