Paging Dr. Dotnetsky

You always notice the names that appear frequently in your code related Google searches. For me, one of those names is Peter Bromberg, PhD, the driving force behind Egghead Cafe. There are some great articles there, but the pick of the litter are the ones by Peter's alter ego, Dr. Dotnetsky. Here are Dr. Dotnetsky's Cool .NET Tips and Tricks, in chronological order:

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Issue 3,
Issue 6,
Issue 10,
Issue 13,
Issue 15,

All thanks to google

Your Google-Fu has humbled me.

For some reason those aren’t listed in the index page… oh wait, I see what it is. They are on the index, but in a different category. Doh!

You doods wanna keep yer stuff up to date? Get with the program!