PC Racing Sims

I've been a PC racing game enthusiast since the day I wrapped my hands around my first force-feedback wheel in 1999-- the classic wire driven Logitech Formula Force. There's something about a quality steering wheel with physics-driven force feedback effects that really delivers on the sensation of driving.

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One game you should defiantly have a look at is Live For Speed. It’s a simulation (not an arcade game), cheap and fun :slight_smile:

a href="http://www.liveforspeed.net/"http://www.liveforspeed.net//a

Hmm, just found this: “Ernie Irvan race seat”



I got to use Jeff’s wheel yesterday playing one of his Rally driving sims. It was a lot of fun! Then we had fun racing “real” RC cars from Team Losi Mini-LST. Best Santa gift ever.


I have the Momo FF wheel too, the only sim I have is V8 Supercars 2 (a href="http://www.codemasters.com/v8supercars2)"http://www.codemasters.com/v8supercars2)/a and find it a great combo. I always thought the Hyper Stimulator (a href="http://www.hyperstimulator.com/personal/personal.html)"http://www.hyperstimulator.com/personal/personal.html)/a would be a great addition to my study…

I hadn’t seen the hyperstimulator!

The pre-cut MDF “assemble it yourself” version isn’t bad at ~$600 with all the necessary options and shipping.

And here’s the “build it yourself with your home welding gear” approach:


Hi … Thanks for the nice review of our Hot Seat Racer. We have several new models based on the
Racer GT platform. The sub woofer is now under the seat adding to the fun. It’s easier to gret in and out of and all wires are enclosed in the steel tubing. We are now offer this for $699.00 with
FREE shipping. Remeber that our chassis include a 6 speaker Dolby Digital capable surround sound system. This puts you in the race car. Our wheel mount and pedal assembly are welded and are rock solid, not like other low priced units. We have these at many raod shows with no failurers. I invite you to try our latest alo suitable for running flight simulation. … Thanks again … jay LeBoff 860-582-5031 x 0 or jay@hotseatinc

You slander GPL.

With the new enhancements it’s the best racing game I’ve ever driven. The learning curve is steep but once up it all the other sims drive like console games. (and it’s free to download, search for ‘GPL 2004’)

I like my Momo wheel also. It’s a good replacement for my old Logitech/Guilimot Ferrari wheel.

Check out the new Logitech G25 wheel!


Have you seen the Hyper Active Racing cockpits? Plans can be had for less than $100, all you need to add is wood. Comes with hardware, tools, etc… Complete units run around $300. They look really cool.


Thanks for the kind words Mark. At the moment as well, we have a special on the following.





So if you are looking to take your sim racing to the next level, you won’t be disappointed with our cockpits, and a fraction of a lot of commercial cockpits as well. Good savings to be had at the moment.

Regards Malcolm

Here’s simple guide how to create playseat. Instructions are in finnish but there’s lot’s of pictures:


You forgot LIVE FOR SPEED arguably the best racing sim out there. Live for Speed has better physics better multiplayer than rfactor.

OMG! Thank you for posting this. I actually race and have been looking for something which would get me in a similar position to an actual car. You would be surprised how effective the simulator is for practice. When you get back on-track, you do remember the things you learned, and while the ‘feel’ doesn’t apply, racing is a thinker’s game, and the simulator does keep your mind sharp. I have been looking for something to get that ‘feel’ closer to reality, but didn’t want to spend $18K… cuz if I had that, I’d buy a faster race car :slight_smile:

Now if they just had a decent rally sim… that would be cool :slight_smile:

BTW, rally racing is a huge big deal in the SCCA. Our rallys are not quite as intense as the WRC, but they are good. They are mostly amateur, self-funded drivers and their wives, but they are good, fast, and have some nice cars to look at. I don’t know where you’re from, but I would bet that your local SCCA has an amateur rally circuit, and they probably have some Pro Rally drivers who practice in those races. Check it out, there’s some info on my page:
a href="http://www.smoothjazzy.com/racer_girl.html"http://www.smoothjazzy.com/racer_girl.html/a

I have to agree with other that Live For Speed is an excellent SIM game. The license fee is reasonable and the action is very intense. You definately need to practice before joining any online races and you definately need a wheel and pedals. You can join a number of servers and opt to “spectate” which really gives you a good feel for how it works. Definately an A++++ as far as SIMs go.

I recently updated my racing rig with the newer, sturdier Playseats Evolution and the Logitech G25 wheel. There are some pictures here:


LFS sucks. Seriously Michael, how can you call it a SIM with fictional cars, fictional tracks, and a soundsystem that sounds like it’s using the internal PC speaker??

Okay, the online part is good, if you want to race with a bunch of 12 year olds, calling you n00b - which I’m not. Had it since day one, but grew tired of it, because of all the flaws.

Get a GOOD sim instead, with REAL cars, REAL tracks, REAL sounds, and AI to provide you with offline fun as well as online.

Race07 is head and shoulders above the rest. (Unless you count the grandfather GPL of course.)

GTR2, and GT Legends, is also very very worthy…

Steve, LFS does not suck. And Race 07 just came out.

You may not like LFS because of the factors you listed, but the physics are excellent for what exists now. For some people, that’s what’s most important. I agree with you about Race07 though, I’m just getting to know it now. You definitely have a better selection of cars and tracks and the physics is excellent too.

To the author of this page - thanks for posting it!, found your info helpful.